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Wikipedia Addresses the False THRESHER Loss Story Expeditiously

A news clipping of the 37 Ping story from the London Times.

Wikipedia added the following overnight to their USS THRESHER page to stop the false narrative and the hurtful sensationalism caused by the 37 Pings Video:

On 9 July 2021, the United States Navy declassified the narrative of the submarine Seawolf during the search for the Thresher. The Seawolf detected acoustic signals at 23.5 kHz and 3.5 kHz as well as metal banging noises which were interpreted at the time as originating from the Thresher. However, after the commander of Task Group 89.7 ordered that echo ranging and fathometers be secured so as to not interfere with the search, no further acoustic signals were detected by the Seawolf other than those originating from other searching ships and the submarine Sea Owl.[19] Ultimately, the Court of Inquiry determined

That while operating as a unit of the search force, the U.S.S. Seawolf (SSN575) recorded possible electronic emissions and underwater noises. None of the signals which SEAWOLF received equated with anything that could have been originated by human beings.[20]