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Re: Time flies...

Congratulations on your 50 years since leaving Boot Camp. You definitely left the Navy better than you found it. All the best to you. - Ed Smock

Re: Time flies...

Thanks for the kind words, Ed. Unfortunately, the bar was set so low it would've been difficult to under-achieve.

The totality of my training at my first Fac is embarrassing. My sup took me over to the vernier displays (pre-super v's) and told me to watch for a line at 147. I was supposed to yell to him if I saw one. Then he went back to his desk and put his feet up. Terrible.


Re: Time flies...

I left Great Lakes in August 1970 and was sucked in to the green doors late 1970 or early 1971, was at Centerville in April 1971. There was a Master Chief named Ed Smock, a Chief Fabricus. Many others who tried to show a young OTSN the way.

Re: Time flies...


Wow 50 years goes by in the blink of an eye, and I'm still out here trying to make knuckleheads understand that frequency is inversely proportional to time. BTW I still have the monkey-fist that Carl's dad made for all of us in the our Kef watch team.

Re: Time flies...

Hey Mike,

Hope you are doing well. Time sure does fly! Too funny on the Monkey Fists my Father made! I have one of the originals left, the one I carried during my time in the Navy.

Warm regards,


Re: Time flies...

Carl...wow so good to hear from you. The monkey fist is one of my life's treasures. It's been with me everyday since you gave it me.

It's strange that I can remember every person in our watch team from Kef but can't remember my co-workers from 2 years ago.

Be safe and happy my friend. I'm still on-watch in Japan as the Technical Director for Undersea Warfighting Development.


Re: Time flies...

I didn’t know you were so **** young, Nick. I passed 52 years this month! Your great impact on our system is unmistakable, thank you!


Re: Time flies...

I will hit 54 years since boot camp on 09/30/2021.