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Belated Info on Salvage Efforts Involving the Lost Indonesian Submarine

Sub Salvage Efforts Conclude
Reuters | 3 June 2021

The Indonesian government has ended efforts to salvage its submarine that sank in April, killing 53 sailors,
reports Reuters.

On Wednesday, the navy announced that work to recover the Nanggala had ended.

The boat was in three pieces on the sea floor at a depth of 2,756 feet (840 m), making for a challenging
recovery effort.

A navy spokesman said that there were no plans for further work to salvage the remaining sections of
the boat after China ended its support.

Beijing sent three ships to assist with the recovery last month.

The joint team dived at least 20 times, taking photos and videos and collecting parts of the sub, reported
BBC News.

An investigation into the incident continues.

Writer's comment: this shows were are when you have no acoustic data: essentially nowhere!