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Barry Millard has passed

We found out today that Barry has left us. Particularly poignant day for me as Barry is singularly responsible for whatever success I enjoyed as an analyst. He pretty much taught me everything I used to remember and I'll be eternally grateful for his quiet, unflappable demeanor and patience.

I needed every bit of it.

Rest in peace, old friend.


Re: Barry Millard has passed

Barry was the Analysis LCPO WHEN I WAS I KEF. HIS EXPERTISE was essential in my growth as an analyst. He will be sorely missed.

Re: Barry Millard has passed

Sorry to hear of Barry's passing. Resourceful, articulate and knowledgeable.I worked the floor in Kef early 80s, Barry was expert at OT analysis. Great shipmate. May he rest in peace.

Re: Barry Millard has passed

When we were in the Analysis shop in Kef he was the chief and I was the LPO. We sometimes would disagree on an analytical issue and Barry would calmly and attentively listen to my opinion and then tell me to carry out his. :). That was Barry Millard and we’re all better off because of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a set of ten points waiting for him on the other side.

Re: Barry Millard has passed

Fair Winds and Following Seas to our favorite shipmate, friend and mentor Master Chief Barry Millard, USN (Ret). He trained us well and left a legacy that will never be forgotten. ⚓️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ⚓️😒

Barry was QA LCPO at NAVFACKEF during the 1977-79 period and presided over quite a distinguished group of analysts. Dick Rentner was our DIVO, John Curtis OPSO and George Widenor OPS LCPO. I was honored to serve under Barry Millard with such notables as Randy Scott, Nick McConnell, Rick Hoffman, Mike Christy, Robin Hood, John Piwko, Mike Lamczyk, Hal Cook, and so many others. A powerhouse.

Barry had a significant impact on my acoustic analysis analytic ability. He showed me how it was really done. I owe him much for what he taught me. There’s no way I would have been capable of effectively teaching that A3 course after Kef without his expert training. I can honestly say that Barry Millard helped set the course of my Navy career for decades to come.

Someone mentioned a memory of Barry pouring over reams of Lofargrams with his hand cradling that pipe in his mouth and wearing his metal bifocals. That’s the Barry I will remember.

Re: Barry Millard has passed

Excellent post, Jim!

Re: Barry Millard has passed

Another loss of a true professional. I was a boot ensign at Kef in 75-77 and Barry exercised great patience in showing me many things about acoustic analysis. His analysis shop was powerhouse of great people and he ran it as with great care. His sense of humor also came through and it's sad to see that he is gone. My condolences to his family.

Re: Barry Millard has passed

During our time on this earth, there are those moments. Special moments. Memories are made that last a lifetime - and perhaps beyond. An event - a time frame - something that cannot be forgotten, and should never be taken for granted. Keflavik ("KEF") in 1976-79 was special. If you were there, then I need say nothing more. Barry was a part of that special time. No - Barry was a "significant" part of that time. One only had to walk into the "PA Shop" to sense that. Barry never quit until he was satisfied that he had the correct answer. Some of you worked for/with Barry, and you know there was only one way - the right way, and there was only one answer - the correct answer.

I loved serving with Barry, and that group picture from the 65th means the world to me. What a group of "Studs". If you are in that picture, you feel that tingle of pride - I know you do! As we wish Barry "fair winds and following seas", cherish those special moments and memories.. In our humble lifetimes, it doesn't ever get much better than that.

Re: Barry Millard has passed

George (Master Chief), You’re the best! You always know how to bring a point home. Yes…yes of course we who were there and significantly and intricately involved in those operations will never forget that time. It had such a profound impact on each of us. We will always share that.

Regarding Master Chief Barry Millard. I am in touch with his son Brendan Millard. He relayed that in accordance with Barry’s personal wishes, there will be no memorial service nor Celebration of Life by Barry’s family.

However, on Saturday evening this past weekend a System Celebration of Life for former OTs BC Carroll, Rick Smith and Barry Millard was held at the home of Chris Schneider in Virginia Beach. Kathy and I attended along with a good representation of former NAVFACers. It was an Aloha themed event. If anyone is interested I posted a few videos on Facebook of authentic Polynesian hula dancers who entertained us. It was a wonderful and quite appropriate presentation.

Re: Barry Millard has passed

I was fortunate to have served with Barry in Keflavik during that special tour George talked about from 76-79 and again later at COSL. Barry was one of our community’s very best. RIP my friend and shipmate.