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Re: Bob Wisdom

Keeping Bob in my thoughts and prayers! Maybe I could go see him??

Re: Bob Wisdom

Why did y'all call him Little Bobby Wisdom? I can remember hearing him called that but don't know if it was 1st tour Kef or where? It has always stuck in my head. Just like Chief Millard will always be Disco Duck. If any of you see or talk to him, tell him hello. Most likely won't know who I am, but thats the way it goes.

My eldest son is at JBSA Lackland. He joined the GA Air National Guard at age 40 & had to go to Basic Training there. He put it off for a year, but went in in April. From what he told me, be very glad y'all joined the Navy. Micky Mouse would wonder at the things that happen there. Graduation was hilarious as the 'wings' tried to march. Oh yeah, graduation was on a Thursday. He is still there going to Security School, a route to where he wants to be down the line. Again, be glad you went to 'A' school when you did & in the Navy. This graduation will be on a Tuesday & he is not free to go for meal with family, if they show up. He flys out on Wednesday. His Sgt. told him that no one was free until the next morning. I can only shake my head at it all. Remember the Personal Cards that boots were given in the 90's. I believe they have disappeared.

Thats all from Raleigh, NC.

Re: Bob Wisdom

Hey Gail, my Granddaughter, her Husband and our Great Granddaughter are at Lackland. We’re supposed to go down for Thanksgiving.