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Re: Passing of Rick Foster

Rick was a great OT, CPO and pretty darn good dive partner when we were on Guam together. RIP shipmate.


Re: Passing of Rick Foster

I will always remember Rick's "hearty" laugh. When he was around, you knew it. He was a fine man who never seemed to have a bad day.

We'll miss you, old pal.

Re: Passing of Rick Foster

Very sad news indeed! I first met Rick in Key West while attending A-School fall of 1975. We then served together at Argentia, Brawdy, and Dam Neck in numerous operations billets. My condolences prayers to TC and family. RIP brother.

Re: Passing of Rick Foster

Another top notch OT has transferred to man the watch topside. Sad news. My sincere condolences to Rick's family during this difficult time.

Re: Passing of Rick Foster

Rick Foster’s son said I could share his words about the passing of his Dad earlier this month. IMHO it’s Classic Rick! He raised his son well and in his own image. 😉⚓️👍🏼

“Two weeks ago, my brother and I planned a surprise birthday party for my dad’s upcoming birthday in October. We contacted his friends and our family. My brother and I booked our flights.

Four days ago, my brother and I, along with those same friends and family, surrounded my dad with love as we said our final goodbyes.

“If you want to make god laugh, tell him about your plans.” - Woody Allen

We plan for the future, but sometimes someone upstairs might be giggling a little bit when they hear our plans. The future may already be written in the stars.

Maybe that someone upstairs is sitting at a bar, with dad’s other friends, the front door of the bar swings open, and they all let out a joyful “Rick’s here!”. They were planning a party before us, we just didn’t know.

I’m happy dad went out surrounded by the ones that loved him. I’m happy he got to meet my beautiful wife and his beautiful grandchildren. I’m happy our last conversation, which I will always remember, was one of laughter and an exchange of I love yous.

Until I see you again dad. Keep a bar stool open for me.”

And from our follow on discussion:

“Thanks for sharing your story, Jim.

He moved down to Sneads Ferry, NC, in close proximity to where he grew up, Camp Lejune.

His last few years of his life he was his happiest we have seen him in decades. He was back in familiar surroundings, made friends with other vets, bought a boat to go out cruising on, but all-in-all Onslow County, NC, is a rural sleepy area, so I can understand his boredom.

He loved military aircraft and air shows. He would attend many a year. He has some really great photos from them as he took up photography as well.

In the end he had a weak heart. For many years his heart was operating at about a third of the strength of a normal heart for someone his age. He had a cardiac event, his heart was beating faint and just stopped beating. Paramedics were able to resuscitate him but the lack of oxygen to the brain for a sustained amount of time and caused the Rick we know and love to move on.

He had a nice send off surrounded by friends, family, military, etc. They said some tribute about the American Flag, “the last watch”, and he would have been happy to been surrounded by his fellow sailors, family, and friends.” 🙏🏼❤️