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Beating a Horse The Writer Hopes Is Not Only Dead But Is Badly Decayed

In his posting of 12 Aug, the writer provided two reasons for rejecting the THRESHER
Court of Inquiry (COI) Finding of Fact Nr 1 that: (quote) the loss of the U.S.S. THRESHER
was in all probability due to initial flooding casualty from an orifice between 2" and 5" in size
in the engine room.....(end quote)

To review, those two reasons are: (1) dismissal of a THRESHER message sent at 0917R
that indicated her depth was 2200-feet, and (2), the results of their own drydock test
which confirmed major flooding would have made communications with her escort ship

A third reason is the calculated results of flooding through a 2 to 5 inch diameter pipe
as stated above. Those calculations - apparently never performed by the COI - confirm
flooding through a two-inch diameter pipe would have produced 240 cubic feet of water
weighing 17,500 lbs per minute while flooding through a five-inch diameter pipe would
have produced 1475 cubic feet of water weighing 110,000 led per minute.

All the while, THRESHER is reporting "experiencing minor difficulties."

My thanks again to the consulting engineer who performed these calculations