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Overseas Service Ribbon

Can anybody tell me if this award is for every 12 months outus or just one award for a full tour. The criteria on navy.mil says

The Navy and Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon was first proposed in 1968, but not officially approved until June of 1987. The decoration is awarded to any member of the Navy or Marine Corps who completes one year of consecutive or cumulative duty at a permanent overseas duty station.


(1) General. Awarded to officers and enlisted personnel of the United States Navy, United States Naval Reserve, United States Marine Corps and United States Marine Corps Reserve. Each service has distinct criteria that delineates eligibility; Navy personnel assigned to Marine Corps units follow Marine Corps policy, and vice versa.

(2) Specific

(a) Active Duty Personnel: 12-months consecutive or accumulated duty at overseas shore base duty station.

(b) Inactive Reservists: 30 consecutive days or 45 cumulative days of active duty for training, annual training (AT), or TAD at overseas duty stations, including deployed units and units homeported overseas. Travel time and weekend training does not count."

Re: Overseas Service Ribbon

Every 12 months, Dave.

Re: Overseas Service Ribbon

Thanks, that's the way I read it. I was only awarded one per tour so guess I'm a few short, not that it is a big deal. If you didn't receive the award I would think you would have to contact the board of corrections, not really sure.

Re: Overseas Service Ribbon

So how and where do we get it?

Re: Overseas Service Ribbon

In order to wear a medal or ribbon or star it must be documented in your service record; normally on a Page #13. If not and you believe you are entitled to wear or display any award that would be by Board action.

Re: Overseas Service Ribbon

Even though Adak is in the US it still qualifies for the Overseas Service Ribbon. I received two for my time there.