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The Obdurate Refusal of the US Navy to Acknowledge the Erroneous 1963 THRESHER Loss Assessments

If you read the linked 5,000 word 2013 open letter on THRESHER to the Navy Leadership or access it at https://www.iusscaa.org/articles/brucerule/letter_to_the_deputy_cno.htm and compare it to the writer's much briefer postings on the IUSSCAA Message Board on 12 and 15 Aug 2021, you will find the same conclusions about the Court of Inquiry (COI) erroneous THRESHER assessments.

Although the US Court-directed Navy release of 1700 pages of THRESHER documents may be perceived by some as progress, it means little unless accompanied by a Navy acknowledgment of the COI's erroneous conclusions summarized by the COI's Finding of Fact Nr. 1 that: (quote) the loss of the USS. THRESHER was in all probability due to an initial flooding casualty from an orifice between 2" and 5" in size in the engine room.....(end quote)

As the only living - or now dead - individual who analyzed the acoustic detections of the loss of THRESHER and probably one of the few surviving witnesses who testified before the COI in 1963, the writer is not sanguine that the Navy will ever acknowledge the magnitude of the mistakes made by the THRESHER COI which - very unfortunately - remain today the Navy's official explanation for the tragedy.