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Re: Hurricane

I would just like to echo Randy's comments. Having been through a couple of these things I can say first hand that they are dangerous as all get out. Be safe and keep your head down. God Bless you all.

Re: Hurricane

Hey Gang,

Sorry for the delay in reply but just got internet back. AT&T took a major hit in the storm and it took a couple of days to get things going again.

As far as MS goes, problems were minimal. At my home, we retained power through out so we were just fine.

Now my younger Daughter who lives in Lakeview (New Orleans) made the decision to remain home during the storm. In her defense, the forecasts were calling for a west LS landfall and as such, she felt she was outside the danger zone. Well, as we all know, the thing wobbled to the east and gave New Orleans a direct hit. She, my Grandson and all their pets made it through just fine with some small damages to porch, outside ceiling fans, etc. They are at our house now awaiting for power to be restored to the city. The entire city of New Orleans lost power and there is no reliable estimate as to when that problem will be rectified.

But, as you have probably heard on TV, the amazing stat is personal injuries and loss of life was tallied as 1, an amazing stat. That may have or could change as there are some folks unaccounted for. Whether they evacuated or not is not known

You know, I may not be being fair to a couple of low lying areas that took on a lot of water. Grand Isle and La Place were inundated with flood water however most of the folks in those places expected the water and evacuated. Those that stayed behind are veterans of their areas being flooded and made it through OK. I don't know any more about the status of those two places but they are the two that made the news on a daily basis.

So, thanks for the concern but I think I can say that given the magnitude of the storm, the area fared pretty well, especially when it come to the important stat of loss of life.


Re: Hurricane

Great news that you and your family are all right. We were all worried about you guys...
Take care Brother John. Ed

Re: Hurricane

Good to hear you're okay, John. I heard this morning they are hoping to have power back to many by the middle of next week. Ironic that the northeast got hammered more than much.of the south. Take care!

Re: Hurricane

Glad you and the family made it through and are fine. Power can and will be restored! Managed to come through OK up here in Upstate NY. Got about 6" of rain but we are above any flood plain so just a major soaker with a few down branches. The city got hammered as I'm sure you are all aware. It looks like Bermuda is going to get hammered again. Great memories of surviving 2 there and driving the 5 ton during base clean-up. The troops got a real kick out of the CMC driving that thing. Be safe and stay well all.