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Re: The question of the day... (Another response to Nick)

Hello Bruce,

Your comment "Sadly, it is highly probable both these techniques - which produced important intelligence - may be unknown to the current generation of ONI analysts." is unsupported by any proof.

Hence, you are guilty of doing something you disagree with. I still support your right to have an "opinion".

I think back fondly to several projects we worked together. I learned a lot. Have a good day and stay safe.


Re: The question of the day... (Another response to Nick)


You asked for supporting information; here it is.

The final step of the measurement technique with an accuracy to five decimal places involved
the use of an A-scan that displayed only 1.5 Hz that permitted sub-cell resolutions.

When this techniques was validated by identification of a unique gear-tooth combination that
produced exactly the same five-decimal place solution with one number prime, I made a point
of demonstrating the technique to all LOFAR analysts then at ONI.

Some time later, ONI hired an outside firm to establish the features of a new processing system.

The firm interviewed all analysts to determine the features the new system should have; no one
stated that an A-scans capability had any utility. The firm was indeed surprised when I - interviewed
last - told them an A-scan measurement was the critical last step in making extremely accurate
frequency measurements upon which important intelligence assessments could be based.

Since no one else said A-scans had any value, they had not planned on including that capability
in the new system specs. With no remaining support for an A-san capability after I departed ONI due
to a lack of interesting data, I assumed it was not provided with the new system or - if provided -
would be employed; hence my assessment that this measurement technique "may be unknown to
the current generation of ONI analysts."

I should be pleased if this is not the case. If the technique survived, the evidence for that survival
would have been the demise of the Type 7 which was really a 6. Basically, the technique is at
least one times more accurate than any other method.

More if you think it useful.


Re: The question of the day... (Another response to Nick)

I used A-scans all the time. I frequently saw other analysts using them, too.

Re: The question of the day... (Another response to Nick)

For Bruce, with all due respect this thread had zero to do with detailed acoustic analysis techniques conducted many years ago. Rick and Nick presented valid opinions concerning the integrity of present United States government officials, with very valid reasons. It doesn’t start or end with Fauci. Unfortunately it is very unlikely the total truth will ever come out, such is the nature of today’s Washington DC. On the surface this may seem as political debate but I see it as Patriots expressing their concerns about the trustworthiness of their government. Regardless of how one votes we all should be concerned. And if this thread gets deleted I for one will be pretty PO’d!

Re: The question of the day... (still another response to Nick)

That's very good news; however, the question remains: were A-scans used to make
ratio measurements to the fourth or fifth decimal place and the results applied to
identify the sources of the involved narrowband components?

I agree with others that this thread has run its useful technical course.

Re: The question of the day... (still another response to Nick)

For Randy...

And what about questioning the validity of the Sonar equation? It may well uncover the truth of the COVID origin or 9/11 disaster. Just saying.

Re: The question of the day... (still another response to Nick)

Good one Jojn.


Re: The question of the day... (still another response to Nick)

Good point, JRV. The passive sonar equation is all encompassing and answers all questions of life. :)

Re: The question of the day...

Seldom do I get involved in rhetoric regarding proof of questions of morality. My posting clearly was qualified as a non-political question regarding the human morality of the clandestine funding of gain of function research by the CCP military branch of one of the worlds most deadly viruses. If Fauci wanted to do such research, he needed to approach the Congress with the necessary rationale for it! By law, such research requires congressional oversight! He chose to lie to congress, and do it anyway! 4.55 million funerals later he is still denying he did wrong!

I guess "It depends upon what the meaning of the word 'is' is." in this world of political obfuscation and word smithing.

As for facts, See the linked liberal news paper exposé.

Re: The question of the day...

Rick, I recently read a similar article. Fauci needs to be recalled to testify.

Re: The question of the day...

Well said Rick.

Re: The question of the day...

Revelation 13:1-18