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More bad news

The recent Kabul drone strike killed 10 civilians...7 of them children and zero terrorists.

The fog of war or incompetence?

Anybody going to resign over this tragedy? I wouldn't bet on it.


Re: More bad news

I try to imagine myself in the OPCON center, seeing the vehicle approach the airport, knowing of the intell assessment that ISIS-K was planning a carbomb attack, and remembering the recent loss of 13 dedicated men and women to similar threats... just what would I do to defend the perimeter, protect U.S. and Afgan forces on the gates and hundreds of Afgan civilians massed around the gates... Do I fire at the vehicle or allow it to approach the perimeter and possibly explode killing hundreds? There is no good answer when you can't determine who is driving and what they are carrying. I also realize that a wrong decision might mean the end of my service to the nation. What do you do in that situation?

I think I would err on the side of protecting my fellow soldiers, and regret the loss of innocent civilians for the rest of my life

Re: More bad news

Rick, It is reported that the car belonged to a man who worked for one of the aid organizations from outside Afghanistan. One must wonder how he was targeted? Was the information developed from intercepts? From humint? Nothing but questions here. The car wasn't even near the airport. It was at the man's home. Did the drone operator follow it from the airport area, where the man had been delivering water to those waiting? Nothing but questions. No one will be fired, no one will resign.

Re: More bad news

The eyes of hindsight are crystal clear... both points well taken. The latest ... it appears the intelligence was developed from TALIBAN SOURCES! If that turns out to be valid then heads should roll!

Re: More bad news

I’ve agonized over this tragedy and Rick’s comments reflect many of my thoughts. It’s not hard to understand that the loss of our 13 brothers and sisters a few days before influenced the analysis and our subsequent drone hit. That said, I hope there are resignations forthcoming from any key individuals in the decision process. It’s about honor and the right thing. The same thing can be said about the “plan” for our withdrawal.

Re: More bad news

Amen brother!

Re: More bad news

If i was in OPCON and, with the intel I had at the moment, Id shoot.