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Re: Rationalizing Very Large Numbers Including Time

Looks like a very interesting read. In my view, to truly study the universe on a deep level, humans must acknowledge the fundamental role of consciousness in painting reality. Experiments in quantum mechanics shocked those brilliant fathers of the field, many of whom (Werner Heisenberg, Wolfgang Pauli, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger, Sir James Jeans, to name a few) turned to the mystical worldview seeking answers.

They realized it was impossible to separate the experimenter from the experiment, and to explain reality without consciousness. They postulated the indescribable immensity and complexity of the universe, and that consciousness is the basis of all that exists. Those experiencing near death conditions indicate they were so totally connected to it that there was often no real differentiation between “me” and the world they were moving through.

If I had to summarize all this, I would say first, that in my view the universe is much larger than it appears to be if we only look at its immediately visible parts. This isn’t much of a revolutionary insight actually, as conventional science acknowledges that 96 percent of the universe is made up of “dark matter and energy.” What are these dark entities? No one yet knows. But evident is the jolting immediacy with which one experiences the basic role of consciousness, or spirit. It isn’t theory when learned, but a fact, overwhelming and immediate as a blast of arctic air in the face. Second: We—each of us—are intricately, irremovably connected to this larger universe. It is our true home, and thinking that this physical world is all that matters is like shutting oneself up in a small closet and imagining that there is nothing else out beyond it. And third: the crucial power of belief is critical to ones ability to transcend the physical reality that surrounds us all.

Just another point of view to research. Cheers

Re: Rationalizing Very Large Numbers Including Time

DARK Matter state theory...