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Be Prepared for the End of the Universe; Buy Only Canned Food With A Very Long Shelf Life.

As already discussed, it is almost "universally" agreed among cosmologists
that the universe began about 13.77 billion years ago with a "Big Bang."

It follows that anything that had a beginning must also have an ending.
The details of that ending are up for discussion but whatever they may be,
some will occur at the speed of light.

It also follows that anything that began and ended may begin again and, in
fact, several options for the end of our universe - as discussed in "The End
of Everything (Cosmologically Speaking)" by Dr. Katie Mack - involve a
cyclical rebirth, i.e., the universe - either ours or someone else's - is/are not
one-time events.

In the end, whatever process terminates our universe will not be without
some benefits. You will be able to forget taxes because there will no longer
be any taxing authority. The IRS will no longer exist nor shall any of those
activities that require payments of credit card charges or real estate taxes.
Look on the bright side - or with some of the universe-ending scenarios -
the very dark side.

Into each life, a little cynicism must fall.