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Records/Memorabilia Donation Question

I have a friend who is looking to donate her father's material from WWII. Her father was a test pilot and flew B-25 bombers in the Pacific during that time.

Does anyone know of a source that might be interested in this material? It includes pictures, letters, and other items.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Records/Memorabilia Donation Question

You might recommend that they get in contact with:

The WWII Museum
945 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

Re: Records/Memorabilia Donation Question

Thanks, Master Chief.

I have sent them an email.

Haven't seen you since Kef, I believe. Hope all is well.

Best regards

Re: Records/Memorabilia Donation Question

I hope they have good luck as it is a great museum. They had just opened the Pacific Theater display the last time that we went there.

Been a long time and I can't remember if that was on my first or second tour.

Re: Records/Memorabilia Donation Question

It was 75-77 but I'm not sure which tour you were on. We had Cdr Fogle as CO when I arrived and he was followed by Cdr Benter. You were CMC I believe.

Re: Records/Memorabilia Donation Question

That was during my second tour. My first tour started prior to the NAVFAC being commissioned and was Feb 66 - Jun 68. Had so much fun during that tour that I decided to come back for a second tour Oct 71 - Nov 79. and then had my third and final tour with the system from Nov 82 - Jun 85. I then went out of the system to CFK Keflavik, VT-7 Meridian and Training Air Wing ONE Meridian before retiring in Feb 91.

Re: Records/Memorabilia Donation Question

Henry and Barry Millard were the only 2 guys in the Navy with dress blues made of Icewool :)