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Obituary, Cdr John F. Felter, USN retired

CDR JOHN F. FELTER, USN, Retired passed away at 11:53pm on Saturday, February 26
2022 at the age of 90 years.

He was part of SOSUS from its inception and commanded the first operational station at Argentia Newfoundland and helped set up other stations at intervals afterwards. His more public function at the time was flying P2V Neptune ASW patrol bombers.

I heard about SOSUS/CEASAR a generation or so later when the story broke in the Washington Post. With the compartment broken, my father was able to tell us in general terms what he had been doing many years before.

There are probably other compartments of his career of which no one not read in will ever know.

Commander Felter retired in 1976 after 23 years of service and worked for TRW and its spin offs for another 24 years.

He is survived by his wife Priscilla Felter, his daughter Althea A Grossweiner, and his so James D Felter.

Re: Obituary, Cdr John F. Felter, USN retired

Mr Felter,

On behalf of the IUSS Alumni Association, please accept our sincerest condolences on your father's passing. You should be aware that his service in our system greatly contributed to our nation's defense and was a prime mover in winning the cold war. You and your family should be very proud of his service.


Nick McConnell

Re: Obituary, Cdr John F. Felter, USN retired

James: I had the honor of serving under your father at Comoceansyslant 1967 to 1969 as a junior officer. I have great memories of him. May he rest in peace.

Re: Obituary, Cdr John F. Felter, USN retired

James, my sympathies to you, your sister and your Mom, Priscilla, on the passing of your father. I served under your father as a junior officer in Argentia in 1964-1965 and as a watch officer at COSL in 1966-1968 when your father was OPS officer. I remember your Mom but do not recall any children. Your father was greatly admired by all who served with him. Best regards to you and your family.

Re: Obituary, Cdr John F. Felter, USN retired

Served with your father I believe in about 1964 or 1965 in Argentia Nfld. He was a great guy, condolences.