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Just Imagine

Imagine if nothing was planted in Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa this spring!

While everyone is obsessed with Russian oil and prices at the pump, many forget about what Ukraine means to Europe in this battle. It's yet another reason the West has to maintain control in this country.

Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe. Its arable land, almost the size of California, holds a quarter of the world's black soil reserves.

And that soil produces a large percentage of the world's staple foods.

By export, Ukraine ranks (source):

#1 in sunflower seed oil (14% of global exports), which is heavily consumed in most food processing
#5 in wheat (10% of global exports)
#3 in rape seeds (18% of global exports)
#4 in barley (10% of global exports)
#3 in corn (16% of global exports)

In other words, Ukraine is feeding a lot of the world.

For example, the EU sources 50% of its corn, 20% of its wheat, and 25% of its vegetable oil from Ukraine. Many nations across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia import most of their grains from Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, Ukrainian farmers cover over half of China's corn imports.

And now this breadbasket is being razed to the ground.  According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the war has already affected over one-third of the crop fields in Ukraine, which will be left unsown or unharvested this year. Even if the war ends now, the devastated regions won't start plowing at the snap of a finger.

So is conceding the Ukraine to Putin so that he can control all of the Nato countries food supply even an option? Has WW-III really already started?

Re: Just Imagine

Spot On, Rick!

Re: Just Imagine

As always Rick, you are right on the money. We tend to lose sight of the big picture when it's not right in front of us. One of the great advantages of being an analyst is that we always look beyond and see the unseen. I think that most people tend to be indifferent if things are not right in their own backyard. Besides the atrocities this lunatic is imposing upon the people of the Ukraine, we really need to pay attention to long term impact to the rest of the world. Really a scary time. No winners on this course. As bad as it may sound, I'm glad I'm on the downside. The world is going to hell in a handbasket. Hope all is well with you otherwise my friend.

Re: Just Imagine

Hi John,
Doing ok with most of my medical issues, but had a recent fall and broke my left ankle in two places. So now have ankle brace that further restricts my mobility and quality of life. I feel blessed though... I could have been an old man in the Ukraine trying to run from the barbarians. Hope all is well with you and yours. Cheers, Rick

Re: Just Imagine

Seems the closer we get to spring planting, the greater the world becomes aware of the impending food disaster. Saw two separate news videos on Fox and CNN that zeroed in on it.

Just as the transfer of USA natural gas to Europe in order to replace Russian supplies will mean greater natgas and electricity costs here, the USA will need to assume a greater portion of world food sourcing to keep the world from starving. That means less food here, and correspondingly higher prices for what remains.

Ever wonder why Bill Gates bought up so much farm land? Gates claimed, “It is not connected to climate [change].” The decision, he said, came from his “investment group.” Cascade Investment, the firm making these acquisitions, is controlled by Gates. And the firm said it’s “very supportive of sustainable farming”. It also is a shareholder in the plant-based protein companies Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods as well as the farming equipment manufacturer John Deere. His firm’s largest farmland acquisition happened in 2017, when it acquired 61 farming properties from a Canadian investment firm to the tune of $500m. Traditional food products will be in short supply in the future.

Get ready for even more inflation.

Re: Just Imagine

I must add here that the largest buyer of our farm land is... wait for it... CHINA. The biggest owner of USA Uranium ore is... RUSSIA. Can we all imagine where this is going for the kids and grandkids we all fought to protect? Sickening.

Re: Just Imagine

I used to be perplexed as to why our government seemed
to be oblivious to many happenings in the world. I’m in the process of reading The Great Reset by Glenn Beck and it’s an eye opener…we aren’t oblivious but are complicit.

Re: Just Imagine

Indeed so Randy. And today America poked the nuclear bear from Poland! One cannot assume a threatened dictator, already backed up against a wall, will act rationally. 6000 nukes in the hands of a messianic butcher... not a good environment for a peaceful solution.