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Re: Remember Bataan, Remember Mariupol

It's really difficult to see through the fog of war to determine truth. Just saw an abc news report indicating that the ukraine marines have NOT surrendered! Disinformation is rampant!

Re: Remember Bataan, Remember Mariupol

Vladimir Putin is quoted as follows:

"Once again, invite all those who have not yet laid down their arms to do so," Putin added. "The Russian side guarantees their lives and their dignified treatment under the relevant international legal rights. All those who have been wounded will be provided with qualified medical help."

The Russians are unwilling to spill more Russian blood fighting these bad-assed Marines. They will encircle them and starve them out.

Re: Remember Bataan, Remember Mariupol

A senior U.S. defense official said the Pentagon does not assess that the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol has fallen to Russia, countering claims by President Vladimir Putin Thursday. 

Re: Remember Bataan, Remember Mariupol

The battle is over! Only 250 of the 6000 defenders survived. God bless those brave men and women who sacrificed themselves for their homeland.