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Memorial Day

I’ve posted this before. Please go on YouTube and watch “Dutch girl playing Il Silenzio” which is the basis of our Taps. This will make you tear up and maybe appreciate more the young people who died for our country. Everybody be safe this weekend, be blessed and never forget.


Re: Memorial Day

WOW! Right on the mark Randy. Definitely put a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. That little girl was amazing. I too extend my sincere blessing to all our fallen brothers and sisters who gave their all to protect our freedom. God bless each and every one. My best to you, Chris and the family wherever you may be traveling.

Re: Memorial Day

Thanks, John. We left Florida on the 19th, currently in Ohio visiting family. This week we go to the Michigan UP and will be at Glacier National Park in Montana 6/18. I’ll post a notice where to send gas money 😂. Be blessed, be safe!

Re: Memorial Day

Hey Randy,
I hear that Putin is offering gas at less than two bucks a gallon. Be safe in your travels.