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Re: OT gang in Japan

Mike, those were very kind comments and I truly appreciate it.
All the names you and Rick brought up were memory joggers!
I made 3 trips to Gib and the enlisted guys there always insisted on making me an honorary member of their mess. Royal Navy Rum more than did the trick…My first trip there was with a CPO and one civilian, and it was a hush hush thing back then. First night at the Holiday Inn the civilian got a phone call from his wife, lol. I asked him how she knew where he was and he said he had no idea, lying dog :) We met up with Will James, which was a bonus feature. My best intoxicated story was at Brawdy They sent me and Al Maultsby there to oversee the start up of their SCIF. (We rented a car at Heathrow and Al drove us at about 110 mph after a red eye flight) The ORI team happened to be there and we made the mistake of meeting up with them. Bad decision. Al ended up back at the hotel first and had to beat on the door to get in..the manager wasn’t pleased. I showed up about an hour later and also had to beat on the door, this time the guy was ****** :) That was about 0200 and we had to give a briefing at 0800…but made it.
Sad that so many analysts don’t have a handle on things like we did. System people were very hard on themselves from a knowledge and performance standpoint….who else was going to do it ? There was nobody else to “supervise” us so we pretty much beat ourselves up, out of necessity.
Anyway, be blessed Mike and thanks for your continued service.


Re: OT gang in Japan


Wonderful to hear from you and see you're still in the ring. I have fond memories of our tours of duty at Keflavik (da boats) and Brawdy (the antiques and the "Command Conscious). It's been way too long. Please be in touch. I'd like to catch up. Emal jim_donovan53@yahoo.com

- Jim

Re: OT gang in Japan

I don't visit this site nearly enough, but feel rewarded for my "mouse-clicks" this morning. What a wonderful string to read through You guys still rock! Thanks for sharing your memories.

Re: OT gang in Japan

Wow, some flashbacks here...I was at CNFJ from jan 73 to jan 76 and served with a number of these (older) guys. It always cracked me up when the "other" guy standing watch with you at the cave pulled out a mattress and went to sleep on a mid. Clif Clifton somehow managed to get that sailboat sent to the site and we used to sail all over the harbor in it til we rolled it over going too far out of the harbor and almost drowned. Made the news...(bad). Prior to that Gary Hemmer was having a few on a local seawall. Fell off and had to be helo'ed out by jmsdf. That made the news also...Oh, and as the CNFJ alumni all know, the work was really KICK BUTT.