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Re: Remember the Brawdy storm of Jan 1982

I absolutely remember the storm. I was the CDO the day it hit and got to leave the base 6 days later. I called the XO with my concerns about the storm and said I was going to keep the watch section onboard until things improved. He thought I was over-reacting but stated that I was in- charge and it was my call. Glad I did what I did. I had the one uniform I was wearing so I borrowed some Seabee greens from someone so I could launder my things. We managed to get the road cleared from the RAF base to the NAVFAC so we could change the watches somewhat. The exchange was ravished of all its beer and munchies and there was an ongoing party at the barracks. I remember Nick Vanherpen volunteering to drive a base vehicle to the T-building, sliding all over the place and deciding that was enough driving for him. It was the craziest storm ever.

Re: Remember the Brawdy storm of Jan 1982

I was just getting to Brawdy. I was one of the lucky ones to have been stuck in Haverford west. I somehow received word that they would be holding payday at the RAF base housing. In need of some cash by that point I walked from the Kings Arm Hotel where I was staying. Funny thing was I somehow ended up at the Barracks with no uniforms or even a toothbrush. next thing I was in a borrowed uniform standing watch at the Barracks. I was able to get my seabag delivered after a few days.... Welcome to Brawdy

Re: Remember the Brawdy storm of Jan 1982

I remember this event very well. My Welsh girlfriend and I were returning from a trip to Swansea and noticed the heavy snow blowing everywhere. After finally arriving home in Croesgoch, I had to shovel snow out of the driveway so I could park my MG Midget. The next morning when observing the fields and roads from my second floor window, everything was completely white with snow. All the roads from Brawdy to Croesgoch were covered with 4 foot snow drifts that had been trapped between the hedgerows. The power was out and all water pipes had frozen, so I had no heat, water or phone service. After 2 days and feeling pretty desperate, we decided to walk the 5 mile trek to Brawdy. Could not walk on the roads due to deep snow trapped in between the hedgerows, so we walked in the fields and pastures where the snow was not so deep. When we arrived Brawdy, the RAF assigned us a room in the Sergeants Barracks, was great to have power, heat, food and water again. The next day I was directed to report to work, was working in QA at the time, and the RAF Shuttle provided a ride for my girlfriend to her house in Haverfordwest.

After about a week all the roads were cleared, the snow melted, and life returned to normal. The following April 1982 I married my Welsh girlfriend, we just celebrated our 40th anniversary. When we are having a bad day or things are not going so well, we just look at each other and say "it could be a lot worse, we could be stuck in a snow storm in Wales" and that puts everything in context.

Re: Remember the Brawdy storm of Jan 1982

thanks for sharing the memories. I would love to go back there for a visit.