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Re: Anniversary Celebration

Rick, I hope your rehab goes well and you get a shallower porch :) Chris and I are well and fortunate to have good health. We’ve been full time RV’ers for nearly 2 years and have had some great experiences. We’re at Patrick SFB in Florida right now.
I share your concerns about the current state of things. I’ll avoid getting political but we still have time to turn things around. I don’t think a civil war is immediately on the horizon but it is a distinct possibility in the future. I’ll add that I don’t think it would last long…
Be blessed and be safe, Rick.


Re: Anniversary Celebration

Hey Rick,
I echo Randy's comments and wish you the best with rehab as well. The country certainly is in a severe state of turmoil at present. We can only hope. For Randy: We will miss you in Florida, Deb and I will be down there the first week of October. Hoping to meet some great grandkids for the first time. We will be staying in the Kissimmee area for a week. Everyone be well and stay safe.

Re: Anniversary Celebration

Hey John. We are Florida residents now and won’t be traveling again until next spring. Kissimmee isn’t far from us, stay in touch and we’ll come see you. Randy Jr is in Maitland, about 35 mins
from there. We’re also going to look at a 55+ community in Poinciana, very close to Kissimmee. Hope we can meet up and discuss the passive sonar equation ;)


Re: Anniversary Celebration

Hey Randy,
We ( Me, Deb, Chris, and Mark) are renting a villa for 5 days. Hoping to meet with Aaron who lives in Tampa. We are planning on doing Disney (multiple parks) also going to reach out to Bill Haars in Leesburg, Phil Blauvelt in Hommassa and going to search out my first supervisor (Bermuda 1970) who lived in Kissimmee. He never taught me the sonar equation because there was no need for it in those days. Are you staying right close to Patrick AFB? I used their commisary when Deb and two oldest guys lived in Cocoa when I was in Turks 1972. Hope you get to watch the Launch tomorrow.

Re: Anniversary Celebration

John, it sounds like you have a full agenda. Bring LOTS of money if you’re going to Disney, etc…prices are crazy.
We are on the base campground till November then going to an RV resort for the winter, near The Villages.
I’ll call you before you guys come down. Be blessed and be safe

RES :)

Re: Anniversary Celebration

We were originally going to stay at one of the beach cottages at Patrick but found a great villa in Kissimmee for about the same price. Would love to see you guys while were down. If you're up for a drive west, maybe we can do a dinner or something. We'll talk before we head out.

Re: Anniversary Celebration

Fire room...Bridge..more coal, Dammit, MORE COAL!!!