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Re: Flashback

Wow, people! We're starting to show our age. Last July marked my 58th anniversary of reporting to boot camp. Boot camp and Sonar "A" school in San Diego, then orders to Key West for "O" school, which no one had a clue about what that was. Finally cornered an old ST1 who told me I was was going to end up on a rock watching a cable. Best description I ever heard! LOL Great job and a great career. Still miss it!

Re: Flashback

OK Smokie,

All of us "kiddie Cruisers" are waiting for you to show yourself!!!!!!!!!

Bro John

Re: Flashback

65 years ago, on January 6, 1957, I was assigned to Special Training and from there went to NavFac’s Grand Turk, Cape May, Nantucket, Keflavik, two tours at COSL and in between, seven years aboard Destroyers. After Boot Camp at Great Lakes I was given orders to Fleet Sonar School in Key West having no idea what Sonar was. I was assigned to Barracks 209 for transient personnel and while waiting for the next Sonar A-School to start I was given different daily assignments; i.e., Chapel “gofer”, Commissary “aisle cleaner”, and barracks “urinalogist”. After A-School the top students were given the option to go “behind the Green Door” for a Special Training course where I was told all the duty stations were on islands. I am convinced I made the correct decision by taking that option. At every duty station, I met lifelong friends and also renewed old friendships. Wish I could do it again.

Re: Flashback

68 and a half years ago on 22 March 1954 I began the greatest "Adventure" one could ever imagine. My "Adventure" continues. My Thanks to all of you for being a part of my life. Ed Smock

Re: Flashback

For Dick Rentner: I just wanted to tell you how much of a pleasure it was having you as The Analysis Division Officer in Keflavik. We had a great crew back there and you held us all together to get the job done well. We all got the benefit of your experience, calm demeanor and leadership. You came close to catching us playing Night Ops with all the lights out in the shop but never brought it up, even though you knew we were up to no good :) Sadly, Rick Hoffmann and Bob Wisdom are no longer with us and that really saddens my heart.
We send our best regards to you and Joan, who epitomized the term “better half”.

Randy and Chris

Re: Flashback

Dick (Warrant Rentner), I want to echo Randy's comments here. That tour at Kef (1976-79) was key a turning point in my Navy career and you were a big part of that transition. From your kind invitation to Thanksgiving dinner at your home less than 2 months after my arrival on island (actually, you picked me up at barracks #748), to your calm but direct, steady leadership as my DIVO in the Analysis Division, you emulated personal and professional qualities I strived to emulate over the next 30 plus years. Let's do dinner again. I think it's our turn. (<;

- Jim

Re: Flashback

We had a lot of good times in Brawdy didn't we, John.

Re: Flashback

Hell, at least they flew you. They put me on a train from St Louis to GLAKES on 23 FEB 71. Which was my first train ride. My first plane would have to wait until I graduated from Boot Camp.