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Re: Shipmate Search

The last time I remember seeing Ray was on Grand Turk in 1957. Great shipmate.

Re: Shipmate Search

Ray was at COSL Sep 1972 timeframe when I got there. Ed Smock

Re: Shipmate Search

Ray was on the COSL ORI team in the 70/71 timeframe along with Werner Miller, Ed Haney and Sig Pawley.
They came to Ramey for an ORI and we had a great time. Good guy. It'd be nice if he would answer up and let all know his whereabouts.


Re: Shipmate Search

I remember Ray. He was on the ORI team when I was in Antigua in ‘71-‘72. Haven’t heard about him since back then.

Re: Shipmate Search

I remember Ray, but so much has cluttered my brain over the years, just can't recall where or when. I believe we were stationed together, briefly and may have been in Lewes (Jan 71 - June 72 time frame.
He was always easy to talk with and true professional. Would be nice to hear from him.

Re: Shipmate Search

Irv, nice to see you on here. It’s been a while and I hope you’re doing well!


Re: Shipmate Search

Hey Randy,
Yeah, it has been quite some time since I have been on the site. Just a lot going on, staying busy, traveling, etc. Had major back surgery on 9/28 for chronic back pain since 1959, months after I joined up. Finally caught up with me after hundreds of chiropractic adjustments, hospitalization, etc. doing real well. No pain as yet, going for my post op visit on 10/11. Just not BLT (bending, lifting or twisting) for awhile.

Now, regarding the search for Ray Skinner: I contacted Dick Moran and he suggested trying a search using Veteran Buddy Finder. I have and came up with several Ray Skinner's. If anyone would know of his wife's name, age, or previous addresses - it would narrow, and perhaps, find Ray. Hoping someone has input to facilitate this effort.

Best Regards to all my shipmates

Re: Shipmate Search

I remember Ray Skinner at COSL when I was stationed there (SEP 70 - DEC 72.) I think he worked days in the analysis office with Ed Haney and Chief Werner Miller.