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2022 Newsletter

We didn't receive enough short story entries to generate a newsletter this year. I will save the few entries we did receive for next year.

Thanks to those who submitted.


Re: 2022 Newsletter

Thank you for the effort

Re: 2022 Newsletter

Nick, I sent a story about that time you missed a strength 4 T/E T1 for an entire 8 hour watch. You didn’t get it?? 😂

Re: 2022 Newsletter

This is a problem we have had since day one

Re: 2022 Newsletter

I miss the newsletter this year. I have enjoyed reading about the different experiences we OT's have experienced throughout the History of IUSS. I came into the rating in November of 1988 and was one of the first to attend the OT A classes in Norfolk. Missed out on a trip to Key West by weeks. I was a PH2 converting to OT2 so you can imagine the difficulty learning a new rate as an E5. For months I was consumed with learning the basics and competing with people with photographic memories, or so it seemed. It wasn't until I began reading the newsletter that I realized the full picture. I was stationed at 5 NAVFACs, attended 3 years of technical training, worked with hundreds of OT's, heard their stories, watched them working as a team, and when I retired, I missed it all. So, I just wanted to thank all of those who have shared their stories in the past years. Perhaps I will attempt to write a few of my own experiences down. Guess that's my new year's resolution.

Re: 2022 Newsletter

there's always the 30 page article I wrote for you about how I got into rowing and the ocean row! lol
just sayin'.....