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Thanksgiving and my Mother

I realize that this is an OT site but I'm so full of Thankfulness and Pride that I just have to share.

On November 02, My Mother turned 105, Yep and I know what you're thinking. With my lifestyle, I don't have a chance and you would be right.

Yesterday, the Mississippi State legislature, Specifically MS State Legislator Robin Robinson,
proclaimed November 02 Elizabeth Ellis day for as long as she lives. Wanted to share that.

My mother not only is 105, she maintains a daily regimen that would put most of us old timers to shame, especially me. She currently lives in Laurel, MS where she has 3 daughters and 4 Grandchildren and, bless their heart, they keep her busy or sometimes its the other way around.
Mom has an appetite for good food and she and her kin keep the restaurants in Laurel, in business.
She's always ready to go, especially if its something to do with her church life.

I don't have any idea what the future hold for Mom but she's unafraid of the future and maintains an awareness that she may or may not be around for another Thanksgiving but in the meantime, we will enjoy her and see to her every desire and need for as long as we have her.

So, thanks for listening/reading about our pride in my Mother. Pat, Myself, Mother and and the remainder of her Kin wish every one of my lifetime friends a joyous, Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

John and Pat

Re: Thanksgiving and my Mother

That is a wonderful story, John! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and all shipmates!

Re: Thanksgiving and my Mother

Congrats to your mother for living a full life and congrats to you for letting us in on what sounds like a great lady and wonderful mother. Happy Thanksgiving.

Re: Thanksgiving and my Mother

WOW! Bless her heart. Truly a great reason to be thankful. My very best wishes to all.

Re: Thanksgiving and my Mother

"WOW" That is a beautiful tribute for your Mom. Definitely worth sharing the story for all of us to reflect on. Another of her great accomplishments is in her raising such a fine person as "John Ellis"... Mom and Son are both respected and worthy of recognition... And this comes from my heart; not the keyboard... - Ed Smock

Re: Thanksgiving and my Mother

Sweet and uplifting story, John. Thanks for sharing and tell mom we all think she raised a fine son!

Re: Thanksgiving and my Mother

You are very fortunate. I hope the next 100 bodes Weil for her. Congratulations. EKD

Re: Thanksgiving and my Mother

And now.......as Paul Harvey used to say........."we know the rest of the story". John - I have always regarded you as one of those very special guys that has blessed our community. That subtle "southern charm", and warm personality. Time and concern for everyone, and never a cross word. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Thank you for sharing your mom with us - you both have a right to be mighty proud. Your Thanksgiving sharing is a gift to us all. Thank you!!!