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Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

Appreciate the effort John.
A early Happy Holidays to ya.


Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

I was stationed at the NavFac from mid 1968 through late 1969 - check

I have had cardiovascular disease with stents onserted - check

I have had prostate cancer - check

I have peripheral neuropathy in both legs - check

I had a heart attack - check

I have an Abdominal Aortic Anurism with grafted Stent applied.- check

I have High Blood Pressure - check

I have DVT with pulmonary adema - check

So... I guess I might check into this further.

Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

Pushed post once...it posted twice???

Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

Not sure what happened there but I went ahead and deleted one of the posts.

Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

Hey Rick,

This is Willie Glover..we were together in Guam..I hope you remember me. Ive thought about all the guys a lot and I'm glad to finally be able to talk to you.
Doug Doughman called me yesterday and told me about this stuff. I just joined this group today.
I've had Colon cancer twice and had a Genetics Test ran to see if I had the genes that would pass cancer to my kids and it was negative....so I guess thats where I got it. Man I'm sorry you've had all them medical issues.
I hate to talk bout this stuff but I'm glad to see your name on here and maybe we can talk sometime.
I live in Magnolia.Arkansas now.
Hope you're doin good and hope we can talk more....it's been fifty or so years...Ha

take care

Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

Willie....we received your application to join the association but your email doesn't work. Please contact me at bogey20732@yahoo.com so we can figure out what the problem is.



Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

Great to hear from you again Willie. I followed you a bit.., pickin on the Grand Ole Opry. When you applied for membership Jack sent me your contact data... so check your email. You have mail Ole buddy!

Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

No reply to email.

Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

I'm uploading a 55yo photo of you, Rich Larson, Robert ???, and I that was taken near the Key West Beach Shack. Suckin down some brewskys. Bob Koutelis took the shot. He always had his camera in tow. Those were some great times.


Ì'll put it in the NAVFAC Guam folder..

Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

No upload being accepted...

Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

Hey Rick,

I have the photo upload turned off because bravenet broke it on us

I am trying to come up with a suitable alternative that we can use

main issue is that bravenet says they cannot give me a dump of the current library so if i just go with a different solution we will be in danger of losing what we have.

but i am working on it

meanwhile, please send the pic to me with the description you want and i will put it up

Re: Guam Agent Orange / PACT Act

Thanks Russ,
The prototype looks darn good. Thanks for the manual add of the photo.