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Grinch's BOLO

It has been reliably reported by questionable sources that an invasion from the north is planned later this month by an anonymous person or persons described variously as “Satana Klaus aka Jolly Saint Nix” and other aliases. He is reported to have numerous quaint helpers, and travels incognito by way of – you won’t believe this – reindeer!! As a former active-duty naval person, I am calling on all former service persons to BOLO for and report any suspicious activity regarding this plot which could seriously disrupt your home and affect your bank account. Don’t be surprised if younger people (under age 12) attempt to interfere with and/or block your surveillance activities as it is rumored that they are somehow actively complicit in this plot and may seriously believe that SK aka JSN is coming to benefit them in a personal way.

Just thought you should know! Be safe! It’s a dangerous world out there!! Best regards,

The Grinch

Re: Grinch's BOLO

Nicely written Ben. Me and my family of Raiders will be on the lookout.
In the mean time, Happy Holidays to you and yours.

J & P

Re: Grinch's BOLO

That is so good. Love it.