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50 Years Sailing Together

Today marks a major milestone in the lives of Ben and Marcy as we celebrate our Golden Anniversary . . . 50 years of good fortune, travel, adventure, joy, and marital bliss (a few thorns forgotten among the roses!) From our wedding in North Miami to our present home in Deland, we have been blessed with good health, an awesome son, Chris, his lovely wife, Tara, two terrific grandsons, Collin, and Miles, a great family, our church, good friends, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood westerns, Alabama, Clemson and Georgia football, college basketball, gardening, and RV camping along the way. Although friendship, like philosophy, art, and so many material things, may have no survival value, they give value to survival. What a wonderful partner you have been, Marcy, and how grateful I am to have been by your side on this journey. You have inspired and elevated this old crow to simulate soaring with eagles. I love you more every day! Let’s hope the next fifty years will be just as great or better. Oh Lord, abide with us still!

Re: 50 Years Sailing Together

Your message of a blessed marriage of 50 years is inspiring, to say the least. Your faith in our Lord's grace is what carries us through the rough times, as we strive to keep our wedding vows to each other and not stray like lost sheep. As for me and my wife, Linda, of 54 years together before she passed in March of 2017, my words would pretty much echo yours - except for the RVing! The following is the poem I wrote for Linda for our Golden Anniversary. One of many during our years of marriage. Perhaps you and others may enjoy reading it.

Our Sea of Love

Linda, my sweet companion and love of fifty years,
So many happy times we shared, yet also shed some tears.
And as we drifted on this sea, of life and boundless love,
God's grace has shined upon us, with blessings from above.

Now, as we sail on further - to distant shores beyond,
We recall the days and memories, on this our Golden Pond.
Times of young ones being born, our daughters and of theirs,
The grandest gifts bestowed on us, like silver's finest wares.

I love you more than ever, you're the sunshine in my heart,
A breeze that gently trims the sails, so we never drift apart.
As the sun beams down on us, with rays of white and gold,
I'll love you more each passing day, forever mine to hold.

Then one day the time shall come, to say good bye for now,
Let's seal it with a kiss of love, and complete our solemn vow.
To have and hold each other - until death do us part,
Then anchor firm in Heaven's cove, and in each other's heart.

All my love - to the "Lady of my Dreams"


Re: 50 Years Sailing Together

Ben, Congratulations to you and Marcy. Some of us old timers understood and honored the meaning of our wedding vows as they were spoken. By the grace of God, Deb and I will celebrate number 54 next May. We did a renewal of our vows on our 51st in honor of our 50th that was quashed by COVID. We celebrated fifty onederful years. A few close friends and family helped us celebrate. God bless and best wishes for many more.

Re: 50 Years Sailing Together

Ben, Marcy,

Our sincere congratulations to you you both. Where the memories are often filtered to reveal
only the good times (as it should be), those of us that share your good fortune realize the work
required along the way to achieve that Golden mark.
Pat and I share in your wish to have another 50 that equals or perhaps surpasses the
original 50.
Again, our heartiest congratulations.

John and Pat