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Re: Removal from list

Hello Ed,

Last month (Dec 28, 2023) Jim Donovan passed on your request to be removed from the membership listing.

We removed you the next day and you are no longer on the membership list.

Hope that helps

Russ Lownie
IUSSCAA.org Webmaster

Re: Removal from list

That's interesting cause I still see me namevon the list

Re: Removal from list


Here is the membership list, I do not see your name on it.


If you are talking about the annual membership roster that gets sent out in November then that is a different story.

If that is what you are talking about I will see what I can do about that but removing as name from that is not as easy as you might think.

Re: Removal from list

I did see it before posting, but I don't see it anymore.

Re: Removal from list

We updated yesterday at 6:20pm CST, that is why you probably saw it yesterday but not today.

The only way to remove you from the list, as you requested, was to remove you from active membership.

We update the name listing and the memorial listing in the first 10 days or so of the month. This month I was behind a bit.

Sorry for the confusion.

Re: Removal from list

No problem. Thanks