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CHG/COR: 14 January UPDATE - 70th Anniversary Norfolk, VA 20 - 22 Sept 2024

**This is a corrected copy that corrects my mailing address in section 5.** -Jim

IUSS 70th Anniversary Norfolk, VA
20 - 22 Sept 2024

I thought I would update you on our planning committee’s progress to date. We met this past Friday.

1 - Contract was signed with Marriott Hotel Norfolk for 250-300 attendees. We are now committed.

2 - Menu selections were finalized with 3 options. Ticket price currently estimated at $60 per plate.

3 - Dinner party will be In Memory of OTCM Ed “Smokie” Smock, USN (Ret), longest serving member of the IUSS. His family plans to attend.

4 - Plan to publish an online Website for ticket sales, menu selection, etc. in March - 6 months out. Attendance at Friday Happy Hour only open to those attending Saturday night dinner.

5 - As always, we need donations to help defray costs of centerpieces, event Geedunk, name tags, programs, appetizers, etc. There will be a donation link on the Website in March. Those who wish to donate ahead of time can mail a check made out to “IUSS 70th Anniversary” to me at 664 Rosaer Lane, Virginia Beach VA 23464.

6 - Our next meeting is 12 February at my home in Virginia Beach, VA.

As always, if you have suggestions and recommendations, would like to join our group or are willing to help, feel free to contact me directly at Jim Donovan53(at)yahoo(dot)com or (757) 376-2019.

Please monitor the IUSS CAESAR Alumni Association Website at iusscaa.org and Facebook for periodic updates throughout the year.