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Re: IUSSCAA Photo Library

Hello Michael,

We used to have the photo library at bravenet (where the forum is currently hosted) but it was broken and they were not going to fix it any more, they also would not provide a download of the photos and comments.

I managed to run a spider through the photo library to pick up all the photos. Unfortunately I could not get at the comments.

I then moved the photos to a photo library package that is part of a forum software that I am looking at to replace the message board. So, for right now I have the comments secured while I work through the rest of the mess.

Sorry it is taking so long.

Re: IUSSCAA Photo Library

Not a problem and thanks for all your hard work on maintaining this. I knew the photos were moved to the new platform and figured that the comment aspect for them just hadn't been implemented yet. Just checking to see if something had been overlooked in the move. Thanks again.