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Missing Aircraft (Bermuda Triangle?)

On 6/5/65 I was Communications Supervisor on San Salvador. A C-119 was reported missing while enroute to Grand Turk. I received a request via Order Wire to check our airstrip for the aircraft in question, and received a negative reply. On a clear, calm and pleasant afternoon the C-119 had issued position report and ETA while 15 minutes out of Grand Turk. No further word was ever heard from the aircraft. After a two week sea and air search supported by Grand Turk and San Salvador without success, the search was called off. I would be very interested in locating/communicating with the Communications Spvr I spoke to on Grand Turk that afternoon or anyone else involved in that operation. Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter.
Jim Clark ex-RM2 USN.

Re: Missing Aircraft (Bermuda Triangle?)

On June 5, 1965 a C-119 was disabled on
Grand Turk island. That evening, a second C-119 was dispatched from Homestead AFB with a crew of 5 and an additional 5 mechanics to repair the stranded plane. It was this second plane which vanished. On July 18, 1965 debris of the C-119 was located on Acklin Island.

Re: Missing Aircraft (Bermuda Triangle?)

It was quite easy to find an account of the missing
C-119 which disappeared in early June 1965. Note that it differed in several ways from your discussion.