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🌟🌟🌟 IUSS/SOSUS 70th Anniversary - Update and Request for assistance

🌟🌟🌟 I wanted to provide an update and ask for your help with our 20-22 September 2024 IUSS/SOSUS 70th Anniverssry celebration in Norfolk, VA.

Website - @iuss70th.org

Target number of attendees 150-200. Please visit our website to register and encourage others to attend as well. I’m posting these updates on the “SOSUS”, “IUSS Members” and “OTs and OTA/OTMs” Facebook pages as well as the IUSSCAA website. Please help by sharing with various NAVFAC and associated pages if not already done so.

We’ve had to restrict payment options on the website to “credit card or personal checks only”. PayPal and other options not available as we are not a “business”.

And finally, please consider donating to our reunion. Ticket price only covers the cost of meals including hotel fees and city taxes. We are trying to raise additional fees through donation for table centerpieces, audiovisual equipment rental, event momentos, keepsake programs, appetizers, etc. Donations can be made via the Website on the Home page.

To those who have already donated, thank you very much. 🙏🏼

If you have ideas on ways we can raise additional funds, please let me know. We have already decided to sell 70th anniversary T-shirts and are currently preparing a link. Look for that in the near future.

Look forward to seeing everyone in September.

- Jim Donovan
Chairman, IUSS 70th Anniversary Committee

Virginia Beach

Re: 🌟🌟🌟 IUSS/SOSUS 70th Anniversary - Update and Request for assistance

Do you have a design idea for tee shirts?
I would be willing to offer some ideas on that. I've done some for some canoe and rowing races in the past.
Let me know via email.

Re: 🌟🌟🌟 IUSS/SOSUS 70th Anniversary - Update and Request for assistance

Sorry, John. I am just seeing this note today. We do have a T-shirt design and just started sales this week for a fundraiser. Former OT, Chief Jim Allgeier created the design. Keith Stevenson created the fundraiser. We sold 75 T-shirts within the first 24 hours of launching the link.

You can see the T-shirt design and purchase yours at IUSS70th.org

- Jim Donovan