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Re: Madeleine

forgive my playing Devil's Advocate here, and also speaking as a father, but wouldn't 2.5 million pounds be better spent elsewhere?

The homeless, starving, etc. etc.?

Re: Madeleine

It's an horrific story, but it just goes to show how dumb British people are. They easily coax themselves into believing the absurd so long as there is less effort and more fun.

My wife and I never left our kids alone anywhere, regardless of the cost to our social life and entertainment.

In this case, groups of parents were going out having fun thinking it's OK to go and check on their teeny-weenies every half-hour or so. You can do that at a house party if the kids are asleep upstairs. Elsewhere, just forget it. You're parents, full stop. Sacrifices are part and parcel of the job.

Re: Madeleine

The value here may be that by further raising awareness that predators exist might result in the prevention of other abductions.

Re: Madeleine

"In this case, groups of parents were going out having fun thinking it's OK to go and check on their teeny-weenies every half-hour or so. You can do that at a house party if the kids are asleep upstairs. Elsewhere, just forget it. You're parents, full stop. Sacrifices are part and parcel of the job. "

I thought this as well varsovian..at first.

But the thing is that if the window was forced open and the children were sleeping in a room, then this could have happened whether the parents were there or not. In fact it has happened quite recently in the UK while the parents were sleeping in the same house and there was also an incident in about 1990 where a sleeping child was taken from a caravan in the middle of a hot summer. The window was open of course because of the heat but the parents were present.

If someone wants to do something like this then they will find a way. A parent cannot watch children 24 hours a day. Something could happen when they are in the toilet or cooking etc.

Re: Madeleine

If you're not able to help in this case try other cases. Here's the site of a tv programme helping families to look for their lost members...


Re: Madeleine

and another one of ITAKA:


Re: Madeleine

Of course you can't protect yourself from every danger - nor should you. I'm happy to let my kids walk to school and walk to see their friends - you can't allow yourself to be paranoid.

However, certain risks shouldn't be taken. My wife and I don't allow our kids to walk through Warsaw Central train station on their own, and they're 12 and 11. The upshot of this is that their sporting activities cost my wife 10 hours a week in travelling and waiting.

Re: Madeleine

Didn't the parents swan off to a restaurant and leave the children all alone in an unattended holiday apartment? Strange there is so much sympathy for these people. If they were responsible parents the child would be safe and well.

Re: Madeleine

those are very emotive words, Hans.
but whatever they did, or didn't, do, it's every parent's nightmare - finding out that your idea of adequate safety wasn't...
i wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Re: Madeleine

I feel very sorry for the poor child.

I really hope she is found and the person that took her gets strung up by the personal bits.

But: You don't leave a small child unattended, looking at the pics it was a couple of streets away.

I hope the child is found and the parents are charged for neglect.

Re: Madeleine

Well if anything positive is to come out of this it is to make parents think twice about leaving kids home alone.

When I was a child we would be allowed go everywhere. I used to go to the local park with friends unsupervised and we would spend the whole day there.

When I went to Poland in 1980 my cousins would be home alone while my aunty and uncle were at work. There was nothing strange about this. They were 9 and 11 at the time. My aunty would leave food etc. We would go out and play with all the other kids and nobody felt unsafe. We had a great time.

These days I don't see kids in the UK on the streets any more at all. You don't have kids going to the park on their own. My nephews were not allowed out unsupervised until they were teenagers. It's a sign of the world we live in.

Re: Madeleine

i'm the odd one out locally. i won't let my children wander unsupervised ... but i know many (local farming) families where the children are outside from as soon as they can toddle.
supervised? maybe. sometimes ...
perhaps babcia is keeping an eye on them.
but why then do i meet 3 y/old pawel trotting back from a neighbour's (200m away) carrying a long piece of metal rod he's nicked off a scrap heap ... why does wojtek know how to cross a very busy road (i.e. "quickly") when he's still not quite 5 ...
sometimes it feels like the children are counted out in the morning, and back in the evening: what happens in-between is anyone's guess.

Re: Madeleine

My neighbor's children in Poland (8 and 10) are left unattended for hours on end each and every day. According to gossip, the mother works illegally in the Netherlands and the father does some sort of manual work here. My guess is that they don't have money for child minders.

I hear the parents of this girl now want to see the Pope.

Re: Madeleine

I think the Pope invited them to an audience Hans. They are catholics.