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Jakub's case

I've just found it on:

Jakub’s story
What happened to Jakub is outrageous and hard to belive.

Jakub is 24 years old, lives in Poznan, in Poland. He comes from an ordinary Polish family, very respected and loved by many, who were always very much involved in the life of their community. They are very smart, good and educated people who raised Jakub to be a respectful and polite young man, with a wide range of interests and quite social among his friends. They exemplify the most normal and loving family that many could only wish to have and now their grounds are shaken by a tragedy that has come onto them very unexpectedly.

Jakub was a law student in Poznan and last summer, in July, he and his younger sister went to England for a summer job. Their oldest sister had already been living there for some time and in fact, she was the person who arranged for them to all work together at an Exeter hotel.

One night they all went out dancing to one of the venues in the city. Coming home, he, his younger sister and other girls were walking down one of the main boulevards, when Jakub happened run out of cigarettes and decided to split from the group to go to his workplace, the hotel (it was nearby) to buy them. This act of them splitting in the middle of the street was registered by one of the city cameras and is clearly recorded. While at the hotel, he chatted with one of his coworkers for about half an hour, during which his younger sister was rushing him to get back home over their cell phones.

Unfortunately, that same night, July 23, around the same area, there has been a brutal rape and attempted murder on a 48 year old woman.

After many months of investigations, the British police was not able to catch the real criminal, who was also registered on a city camera following the woman on the night of the attack. (all the footage from the street cameras is available on this website). The videos were issued out to the public in order to identify the man, recognizing that he was wearing a striped, red and white football jersey. As this turned out ineffective, next they released the video of Jakub and the girls walking and asked the persons to identify themselves, as they did immediately after.

Sometime in November, while already back in Poland, Jakub received a phone call from the British police officers, asking him to give a DNA sample in order to help them eliminate as many potential suspects as possible. Having nothing to hide, Jakub went, cooperated, gave the sample.

On February 9th at 6 am, both British and Polish police barged into his family home in Poznan, with the European Arrest Warrant in one hand and handcuffs in the other. Jakub was arrested as a suspect in a brutal rape, attempted murder and theft.

This is how the long list of questions begun. Why? On what basis is he being accused of such horrific crime? The EAW only specified that the arrest is made based on the coinciding DNA sample that Jakub gave, but nowhere does it explain anything further. How does it coincide? What does it mean? All DNA of all humans coincide. But we know nothing more.

Now, not only, he is simply incapable of committing such crime, due to his upbringing, his character, his background, his interests, there are many, and I repeat MANY discrepancies and simply ridiculously unsupported, what the British police calls “evidence” in the investigation. So the whole thing JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

Unfortunately, the British law, unlike polish, goes by the rule of “guilty until proven innocent” so they are not even making an attempt at looking at any evidence that could easily lead to Jakub’s vindication. It is outrageous that nobody from the hotel, from his roommates who saw him after he arrived home 40 minutes later, his sisters, nobody was interrogated to check his alibi.

Another fact is such that the actual criminal registered on cameras was wearing a red and white striped soccer jersey with a number 8 on the back, whereas Jakub that night was wearing a plaid button up shirt, he doesn’t even like soccer to own such jersey. And there are many… many more proofs, that he simply didn’t do it. He is the most courteous and well behaved person, always helpful and smiling, amazingly social and ALWAYS concerned with safety, especially females. He could never commit such a horrendous act. Imagine your brother… a friend… a boyfriend…a cousin… he is probably like one of them and this could happen to any of them, any time while visiting a foreign country.

The worst problem in this case is such that because of the EU membership, there is a clause which says that in the case of the European Arrest Warrant, the countries in question act based on mutual trust, meaning, the two sides do not need to question whether the accusations and investigation of the opposite side are lawful, true and just. They only need to make sure that the administrative requirements are fulfilled, and they will let their citizen go.

Jakub and his family at this point have no possibility of defending themselves, since the issuing of the warrant the investigation in Britain was closed and none of the evidence used by the police can be accessed, nor questioned until the accusation is made public and Jakub goes to trial in Britain. His parents hired best British lawyers they could, who with their 30 year experience in defending actual criminals, are already convinced that Jakub didn’t do it.

Jakub’s parents and family are fighting for him as much as they can. The DNA testing aspect of the case is especially scandalous, given that earlier on the British Minister of Internal Affairs confirmed himself that the British labs processing DNA tests for criminal court purposes had miscarried some of the procedures which consequently gave faulty results, possibly including Jakub’s. Hence, Jakub’s lawyer is trying to convince the polish judges that the conducted DNA test does not prove anything, and it should not be regarded as a legitimate proof in the case as it is of questionable value.

This website has been set up in order to gather public opinion of how unfairly Jakub is being accused of this crime. The goal is to make as much noise as possible, for the justice officials to wake up and to see that the British police is making a scape goat out of a polish citizen, because they were unsuccessful in solving the case on their own. They need to realize that they must inquire into their investigation in order to let Jakub go back to his family.

Jakub’s family requests, if you care at least a little bit about a well being of another human, PLEASE, VOICE YOUR OPINION. Please, make it be heard, that this should be an international scandal. Everybody has a right to a defending himself from an arrest based on such severe accusation.
In Poland, this case is already widely covered by the media. The website includes all the Exeter public camera films that are supposedly “proving” Jakub’s guilt as well as clips from Polish national news covering the story.

April 15, 2007
Jakub’s awaits trial in United Kingdom.
Shocking details of his Exeter detention.
Jakub has been transferred from Poland to the U.K on April 11. He is currently in custody and waiting for trial to determine whether he is guilty or innocent.

It needs to be stressed that Jakub has never been in trouble with the law, nor had he ever had a criminal record.

Jakub has been placed in maximum security facility where the most dangerous criminals are incarcerated. His guilt has not yet been determined by the court.

The following is a description of his accommodation. Draw your own conclusions:

He has been placed in a section of the prison designated to hold the most dangerous criminals.

To wear, he has been given a prison outfit –fluorescent yellow and green striped suit.

With the exception of his own shoes, he is not allowed to keep any of his personal wardrobe, not even underwear.

He is not allowed to keep any personal cosmetics, nor letters he previously received from his friends.

Visits from his family or friends occur through a glass wall while he remains in a cage like room.
Since his departure from Poland on April 11 he has been allowed to take only one shower (today is April 14th)

He was not given a possibility to shave himself.

He has been placed in a solitary underground cell which is lit by artificial light switched on 24h a day. He is not permitted to have a watch. He begins to loose a sense of time.

His cell is monitored by CCTV cameras including when he has to use a toilet which is left exposed inside his cell.

So far nobody has been assigned to care for him or respond to his requests. He only sees prison guards.

He is not allowed to contact his lawyer nor the Polish consul, because he has not yet received his telephone PIN number. By standard regulation it is required to assign such number on the first day of incarceration.
His neighboring prisoners make so much noise that sleeping is close to impossible.

His cell is equipped with a bed which is attached to the floor, a toilet and a small sink.

From the prison library he has received two books and a dictionary. He was not allowed to keep any of his own books.

His meals consist of beans at least twice a day.

During visitations he cannot receive anything nor he is allowed to buy anything himself.

He is not allowed to receive any parcels from his family.

He remains locked in his cell 24 h a day.

He is not being abused, but the fact remains that he is being treated like the most dangerous criminal with all possible consequences in place.


I hear he's been lately moved to a less strict prison after intervention of Polish consul...

What do you think?

Re: Jakub's case

I thought british law was "innocent until proven guilty"? In fact I am sure of it!

It is true that DNA samples are not conclusive. There have been cases of more than one person having the same DNA. However, where there are other circumstances to link a suspect to a crime and the DNA matches that on the victim, it is thought that there is a strong case. I guess in his defence, the DNA testing can be questioned and the test can be carried out again using more accurate methods. Some less accurate methods can produce a false positive.

While one cannot say he is guilty, one can also not make a judgement that he is innocent purely based on his track record. At this stage, who knows? That's what the trial is there to prove.

Any legal cock ups will come out in court. Unfortunately cases like this can take time to come to trial and in the meantime the suspect is kept locked up whether guilty or innocent. Not much has changed in the UK for 500 years in this respect.

Re: Jakub's case

I read about this case here on our board sometime back. I'm sure it was reported how he fled the UK trying to escape arrest immediately after the rape. This is why he is locked up awaiting trial. As he should be.

I've never heard of anyone having exactly the same DNA as another individual. Maybe an identical twin?

English law is innocent until proved guilty. Poland's is not.

The whyjakub website isn't exactly unbiased or balanced.

Re: Jakub's case

I like most women would rather see any violent suspect locked up until the trial.