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Giertych jest super!

This is hilarious and goes to show you who votes for PiS


Sorry I dont know how to post the clip, maybe someone else can do it

Re: Giertych jest super!

One more...


Re: Giertych jest super!

You can imbed these videos directly into our board. Here's the second one.

I don't seem to have sound though on mine

Re: Giertych jest super!

Giertych does not belong to PiS, Mike.

Re: Giertych jest super!

And these people are given the vote?

Re: Giertych jest super!

I just watched it and to me it looks like a piece of a very bitter irony. At first the man is ridiculing the idea of voting and by the end he really lets the steam of his frustration out...
A political fantasy - imagin an American drunk, frustrated redneck in the country where all giant stores belong to foreign investors and there are no flags displayed on the eve of the 4th of July...
Just my interpretation

Hans, you quoted Kazik's song once. This film is an illustration of the problem mentioned in the song.

Re: Giertych jest super!

Thanks for pointing it out Lilka, and yes, Giertych is LPR not PiS. LPR is much worse.

Interesting analogy to American rednecks, but I think you’re reading too much into it.

American ‘rednecks’ proudly display American (or Confederate) flag, go to Church, are very patriotic, etc, but at the same time they do not elect/vote for fringe nationalists. In fact if you look at Congressional seats in the true ‘Deep South’ Democrats now have most of the rural, BFE counties.

In Poland, LPR electorate are the underclass who were better off under PRL and love to point the finger at foreigners, wealthy Poles, and attribute all of Poland’s ills to Masonic conspiracy. PiS, who call themselves right-wing have the most socialist economic policy since 1989.

Ironically, working-class Poles in the US are big supporters of PiS and Radio Mawryja. We have one here on this blog.

Re: Giertych jest super!

BTW, you cannot compare Polish Independence Day to the 4th of July.

Yes, both celebrate independence but in the US it is the celebration of the birth of a new nation and shaking off English rule, while in Poland it is re-creation of the Polish State. American holiday is much more powerful.

Closest parallel, if you want to go there is Poland’s Constitution Day on May 3rd.

Re: Giertych jest super!

Lilka that is a cartoon or caricature you are describing.
The Polish you tube gentleman is obviously an alcoholic whose brain has been fried.

Re: Giertych jest super!

""Hans, you quoted Kazik's song once. This film is an illustration of the problem mentioned in the song. ""

Didn't everyone tell Hans that that song was out-of-date!

It seems all the same problems exist to this very day.

Re: Giertych jest super!

Kazik, although I love him as an artist has this very Polish ability to turn complaining into art. I personally don't agree with this style of being but I more than accept his voice in the discussion and his artistic creation.

Why, on earth, do we discuss what some drankard said?

Re: Giertych jest super!

That drunkard is a typical Giertych loving fool. Goes to show who LPR/PiS appeals to the most.

Look, I’ve seen these crazy LPR assholes attack people on the streets in Krakow.

Did you see the first clip with the old lady? Whatever happened to ‘love thy neighbor’?


Re: Giertych jest super!

The man is not a typical voter of any party because such people don't normally vote.

I am a PiS voter, thank you Mike

Re: Giertych jest super!

Great. As long as you vote

Re: Giertych jest super!

The man is not a typical voter of any party because such people don't normally vote

Sadly in Poland they do, it is the younger that say what is the point that don't bother. That is why the likes of Leper have power.

Re: Giertych jest super!

Agreed. The peasantry and old vote on mass in Poland. Younger people say "why bother, all politicians are only looking out for themselves and their own interests, anyway" ...

Re: Giertych jest super!

Actually many of my students (aged 20-25) have said that they fully plan on voting in the future. Needless to say, none of them are too happy with the current government, and they have stated that if they had known what PiS was going to do...etc, etc. Let's hope that more people have the similar attitude.