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National Socialism for the 21st century in Poland

Continuing on the path to 1930s style National Socialism in Poland ...

An article by Pravda.

Polish students to read religious, patriotic books

The required reading list of Polish students will be changed to include more religious and patriotic works, Poland's education minister said Friday.

Minister Roman Giertych's proposed list would include more books about the late Polish-born Pope John Paul II and works by Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz.

Classics by non-Polish writers currently in the curriculum including works by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe would be removed to make way for the new titles.

Giertych said he was determined to add to the reading list books more books by or about John Paul, and was adamant that high school students should be required to read four books by the Polish author Sienkiewicz.

"The decision to return Sienkiewicz to schools is a decision that I definitely will not withdraw, and is justified by our culture, tradition and history," Giertych told reporters in Warsaw.

Giertych wants to make mandatory epic tales drawn from Polish history.

Giertych is the leader of the ultra-Catholic and nationalist League of Polish Families, a partner in Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski's conservative government.

He has recently banned what he and his supporters call "homosexual culture" in schools.

Re: National Socialism for the 21st century in Poland

Patriotism can be a useful or a dangerous thing.
In England it has been viewed as unspeakably evil for 30 years now, with the result that the English know next to nothing about their own history.

Re: National Socialism for the 21st century in Poland

I'm not sure about books on JPII, but what on earth is wrong with students having sienkiewicz on the syllabus?

Re: National Socialism for the 21st century in Poland

Another version of the same story:-

Roman Catholic Censorship in Poland

THEY burnt books in Nazi Germany. EU Ref writes:

ONE should be grateful for the existence of Poland. What other country can provide us with quite so much entertainment in quite such a short period of time?

The latest news is a fight about literary syllabus in schools.

Last week Roman Giertych, the Education Minister, announced that numerous classics of world literature (yes, m’lud, they are studied in schools in various countries) would be dumped in favour of well-approved, morally sound and, above all, Catholic writers.

Thus “the works of Goethe, Dostoyevsky, Kafka and the Polish-born Josef Conrad were to be dumped in favor of nationalist or Catholic authors like Henryk Sienkiewicz and the late Pope John Paul II. The aim was to instill patriotism in Polish youngsters.”

Other candidates for the scrap heap were modernist writers, including Polish ones, such as Witold Gombrowicz and Stanislaw Witkiewicz. Someone should tell the Education Minister about modern European history. After all, we have been here before and, actually, not that long ago. June 6 is a good day to remember what it was that so many, including the Poles (whose lives are now being offered up in sacrifice for the square root of the voting numbers in the European Council), fought for.

There was an immediate outcry in Poland and Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski in a rare attack of sanity, went on radio to announce that this may have been a joke but was in very poor taste. The classics, he insisted, will stay on the Polish school syllabus.

I wonder if we might persuade the Poles to come over to this country to put together a literary syllabus for our schools that would include the classics of Britain and the world.

Re: National Socialism for the 21st century in Poland

I particularly liked this paragraph:-

"ONE should be grateful for the existence of Poland. What other country can provide us with quite so much entertainment in quite such a short period of time?"

Re: National Socialism for the 21st century in Poland

I still wait to hear what is wrong with Sienkiewicz. He wrote quo vadis for goodness sake! Also his were the sort of books that used to be on the Polish A level syllabus here. Polish students should be studying their own literary greats.

We had to read Sienkiewicz, Mickiewicz, Prus, Andzejewski (last century so recent), and Iwaskiewicz among others. This was for the Polish lit A level syllabus set in the UK in the 1980s. Don't see why students should get away with softer options in Poland now. Softer options are the way they have gone with A level english in the UK and everyone who lives here knows how much debate there is about that one in the papers here....