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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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life in the Real world

had a curious experience in the supermarket the other day ...

i picked up a big fat bag of Cheerios and found it had (been) opened down the centre seam and had spilled out onto the shelf. as i turned away, a very slickly dressed young lady swooshed past me, saw the pile of cheerios on the shelf, and picked up a handful. Off she went down the aisle, munching happily.

She looked well in control of her life - late 20s, fashionable clothing and shoes, good hairstyle - so I'm puzzled what would bring her to eat spilled food ... The older folk, yes - I've watched them happily munch their way through the bulk bins of nuts and dried fruit - but somehow I didn't expect it of someone so seemingly 21st Century.

Re: life in the Real world

You've got to duck 'n dive in this dog-eat-dog world

Re: life in the Real world

Why do people eat in supermarkets here? Disgusting.