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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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7 months passport

We have now waited out 11 weeks to get the apointment at the Polish Consulate in London.
We needed to make one for each person each from a seperate email account (our 1 year old now has her own email address)No telephone bookings online only.

We went to London today to find the same tiny office as 15 years ago (although there a few more Poles in the UK now)and a huge queue outside and a poor man shoutin out over the passing trafic ' visas only now' 'Document pick up now' After an hour with 2 screaming kids we were seen, all forms filled out twice (copier is too easy) we waited in another queue to been seen, 1 hour later sorted. Simple, fantastic.

We can pick up the passports in 4 months.

Teraz Polska. What service

Lots of very dark skinned poles picking up their passports Dark greasy hair, lots of gold, shiny winkle pickers. Strange but true

Re: 7 months passport

"Lots of very dark skinned poles picking up their passports Dark greasy hair, lots of gold, shiny winkle pickers. Strange but true "

Polish gypsies.

Re: 7 months passport

Why do you want Polish passports for your children?

Re: 7 months passport

Lost ID cards.

My Mrs wants Polish ones, I will also sort out British ones too.

Re: 7 months passport

If you can have both, then this makes sense, I suppose.

Was it easy to get British passports with children born in Poland?

Re: 7 months passport

Hans - my son was born here in Poland and has a british passport (issued by the ever helpful embassy in warsaw).
He also needs his polish one to cross the border with.

Re: 7 months passport

strange ... that "name here" was me. Someone stole my name data ... maybe the same person who made my pc think it was the middle of august ...