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Poland Defamed by Spanish Leftist!?!

Prosecutor's Office to examine if 'El Pais' article defamed Poland

The Wrocław Prosecutor's Office is investigating whether a Spanish leftist politician Pilar Rachola defamed Poland, when she stated in an article that the country was responsible for the Holocaust.

'Poland played a key role in the wicked activities which lead to the murder of 2/3 of all Jewish population in Europe,' wrote Pilar Rachola in her article published on march 17th in the Spanish El Pais daily.

The prosecutor has ordered a translation of the article, but has not yet decided whether the author will be called for questioning before the Polish court.

Re: Poland Defamed by Spanish Leftist!?!

*Groans* all this sort of thing does is contribute to "holocaust fatigue". It's not going to change anything to keep chewing it over and over.

Re: Poland Defamed by Spanish Leftist!?!

Is there no bad news on Germany? Leave the great Polish people alone, if you don't have something good to say, don't say it.

Re: Poland Defamed by Spanish Leftist!?!

Don't loose your cool head Michael. I think the bit of information shows a disgrace of Spanish press not Poland.

Re: Poland Defamed by Spanish Leftist!?!

Exactly. This is a straight news report .

Re: Poland Defamed by Spanish Leftist!?!

Shows how ignorant and desperate for attention that’s politician is. Everyone knows the German Nazis committed genocide.

Well what else do you expect from the radical left??

Bunch of closet commies anyway.

Re: Poland Defamed by Spanish Leftist!?!

Michael, bad news on Germany you find on a German forum.
This is a Polish forum.

We are still waiting to hear more about your trip. any pictures??

Re: Poland Defamed by Spanish Leftist!?!

In the United States one can deny the holocaust and engage in virtually unlimited speech. I do, however, understand the rationale for those countries that have prohibitions on holocaust denial. These are countries that paid the full price exacted by the holocaust upon both victims and perpetrators, and these countries choose not to have to pay that price again.

With that in mind, willful misrepresentation of the holocaust is tantamount to denial in that it obfuscates the truth. As a whole it is the holocaust revisionists which pose the greatest danger to truth.

The irony of having a Spanish lefty being a mouthpiece for Nazi’s is something to watch.