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Indian IT firm opens outsourcing in Poland


Taking advantage of a large pool of technically qualified young
people here, Pune-based IT company Zensar has begun outsourcing
services from Gdansk, the Baltic port city of Poland.
The new centre is going to create around 350 new jobs in Gdansk in
the coming three years. Zensar is going to invest over $2 million
initially, a development received very warmly by the city mayor.

The first batch of Polish recruits has been trained in Pune and
other batches will be going soon from Gdansk for training.

The operation from Gdansk is the latest addition to Zenzar's global
network of consulting and software development centres in the US,
Japan, South Africa, Britain, China and India.

Indian Ambassador to Poland Anil Wadhwa said: "Zensar's operation
will certainly create good business. Its presence in Poland will
mark a new chapter in East European countries that have joined the
European Union after April 2004."

Apart from Zensar, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has for the past
two years been doing good business in Poland.

The Polish economy is the fastest growing in the European Union.
Last year, it grew by six percent-the highest in the EU.

Re: Indian IT firm opens outsourcing in Poland

Business: LG opens third LCD factory cluster in Poland


LG Corp. has opened its third LCD factory cluster in Poland, a one-
stop manufacturing center that will allow LCD products and
components to be produced and assembled at a single location. The
South Korean conglomerate will spend about $1.08 billion on a 1.5
million-sqm area in Kobierzyce near Wroclaw, Polands educational and
economic center with well established infrastructure and high
quality labor resource.
LG, which has set up similar clusters in Paju, South Korea and
Nanjing China, is optimizing its global LCD production and
distribution system to better serve its European market, which as of
March 2007 accounted for 26.6 million units annually and 37 percent
of the global market.

Combined efficiencies

The manufacturing complex will produce everything related to LCD
manufacturing, from components to panels and TV sets. It will
initially house four LG subsidiaries: LG Electronics, LG.Philips, LG
Innotek and LG Chem.

LG Electronics' 396,696sqm assembly plant projects to roll out 2.4
million units in 2007, exponentially increasing by 10 million
annually until 2011. It will produce full HD LCD TVs in 32in, 37in,
42in, 47in, 52in and 55in screen sizes.

LG.Philips' LCD module plant, measuring 661,160sqm, has a planned
initial capacity of 3 million modules, annually expanding to reach
11 million units by 2011. The company has already started mass
production in March 2007 and is producing mainly for 32in and larger
TVs. It plans to provide customized service to its various
customers, offering timely and stable supply of optimized products
and services. Many of its clients have already setup facilities in
the region.

LG Innotek's 46,281sqm plant will produce invertors and power
modules, major components of LCD.

LG Chem's 92,562sqm factory will supply a wide range of products
including petrochemical goods, rechargeable batteries and TFT-LCD
display materials. The company's estimated annual production
capacity of polarizer is 3 million units.

Other LCD production clusters

The conglomerate hopes to make the LCD cluster in Poland as Europe's
digital display production hub by following the success of its South
Korea and mainland China clusters. It expects to enhance its
leadership in the industry through synergistic effects by boosting
collaboration among the three clusters, working on cooperative
projects in new technology development, purchasing system
integration and talent sharing.

The Paju Display Cluster in South Korea, the largest of its kind in
the world, covers 4.5 million-sqm and is home to LG.Philips' 1.7
million-sqm seventh generation LCD panel plant. It will also be the
future site of LG Electronics, LG Chem, LG Innotek and LG Micron and
about 50 of LG's upstream and downstream partner companies.

The Nanjing Display Cluster in mainland China, which covers 2
million-sqm, includes LG.Philips' first overseas LCD module plant
and facilities for LG Electronics and other components
manufacturers. The Nanjing cluster also features plasma display
module and TV set plants.

Re: Indian IT firm opens outsourcing in Poland

There seems to be a lot of eastern investment in Poland. Is Poland working on developing relationships with Far East and Asian companies or are they courting Poland because of geographical location etc? There seems far more investment from outside the EU which appears to be contrary to the idea of the point of the EU.

Re: Indian IT firm opens outsourcing in Poland

Poland is a large country, with large potential market, and most importantly full access to the markets of western Europe. Salaries and start-up costs are much, much lower than western Europe. Poland has less strict rules on immigration than most EU countries. Which means that many Indian and Chinese nephews, cousins, uncles and aunts can also move to Poland as 'neeeded expertise'. From there onto the ultimate destination - western Europe.