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Cost of living comparison - UK / Poland

How much things cost in England

The cost of living varies from one part of the UK to another. Generally it is more expensive to live in London and the south-east of England, and cheaper up north.

Britain's currency is based on the pound sterling (£) which is divided into one hundred pence (100p). Coins are normally issued up to the value of £1.00. More information....

Below is a rough estimate of how much things cost in England.
(last updated April 2007)

Item Cost (pounds £)
Carrots (1kg) 0.71
Sausages (1kg) 3.67
bananas (1kg) 0.93
Milk (4 pints) 1.11
Apple Juice (1 litre) 0.73
Bread (800g loaf) 0.96
Eggs (carton of 6) 0.99
Sugar (1Kg) 0.99
Butter Spread (250g) 0.84
Raspberry Jam (454g) 0.70
Newspapers 0.50
Inexpensive restaurant 12.00 per person
Drinks (in a cafe or bar) Beer - 2.50 per pint,
1:30p per half pint
Wine - 3.50 per glass
Coffee - 1.20
Soft drinks - 1.00
Tea - 0.70
Petrol (gasoline) 0.89 per litre
Shampoo (400ml) 2.96
Toothpaste (100ml) 1.76
Kit Kat chocolate bar 0.48
Can of pepsi 0.60
Sandwiches 2.50
Meal in a restuarant From 10.00
Meal in a cafe From 7.00
McDonalds Meal 4.50
Fish and chips 6.00
Theatre Ticket 20.00
Cinema Ticket 7.50 adult
Car Hire From 35.00 per day
One London tube Journey 4.00
One mile London Taxi Journey 5.00 (+ tip)
Price of an average house 194.362
Average annual gas bill 586
Average weekly earnings 539

Cost of Living in London

London is not a cheap place to live. House prices are high and it even costs you more to rent a room or house there.

Here are the average cost of renting in and around London per week:

Rooms, bedsits, sharers £90
Studios £145.00
1 bedroom house/flat £200.00
2 bedroom house/flat £275.00

How does this compare with Poland?

Re: Cost of living comparison - UK / Poland

These prices are taken from a website about London. Outside of London, rental costs will be lower.

1 British pound (£) = almost 6 Polish zloties.

Re: Cost of living comparison - UK / Poland

It's not that different Angela. Some things are cheaper in Poland others are more expensive. I don't have a list - just going on recent trips last year.

Re: Cost of living comparison - UK / Poland

The rental prices for London seem a bit cheap, I think that average prices are much higher than the prices mentioned here!

Re: Cost of living comparison - UK / Poland

Price very much depends on the part of London.

Outside of London, average rental costs are much lower still.

Rooms, bedsits, sharers £50+ per week
Studios £125.00+ per week
1 bedroom house/flat £150.00+ per week
2 bedroom house/flat £200.00+ per week

Re: Cost of living comparison - UK / Poland

How about Poland? Anybody have some concrete figures.

Re: Cost of living comparison - UK / Poland

Here are my estimates. Prices in zloties. Divide by 6 for pounds.

bananas (1kg) 4.50
Milk (1 litre) 2.00
Apple Juice (1 litre) 3.00
Bread (800g loaf) 1.40
Eggs 0.30 each
Butter (250g) 3.00
Raspberry Jam (454g) 3.50
Newspapers 1.50
Inexpensive restaurant 20.00 per person
Petrol (gasoline) 4.90 per litre
Shampoo (400ml) 10.00
Toothpaste (100ml) 6.00
Kit Kat chocolate bar 1.50
Cinema Ticket 20.00 adult

Renting an average one bedroom apartment outside of Warsaw or Krakow would cost about 800 zloties per month.

I've left out the items where I have no idea of cost.

Re: Cost of living comparison - UK / Poland

For the lazy, here is the conversion into pounds:

Prices in Poland

bananas (1kg) 0.75
Milk (1 litre) 0.33
Apple Juice (1 litre) 0.50
Bread (800g loaf) 0.23
Eggs 0.05 each
Butter (250g) 0.50
Raspberry Jam (454g) 0.60
Newspapers 0.25
Inexpensive restaurant 3.30 per person
Petrol (gasoline) 0.81 per litre
Shampoo (400ml) 1.60
Toothpaste (100ml) 1.00
Kit Kat chocolate bar 0.25
Cinema Ticket 3.30 adult

Elecrtrical goods and used cars are much more expensive in Poland.

Re: Cost of living comparison - UK / Poland

You can probably buy all these items at the Polish prices in discounted supermarkets in the UK. Some may even be cheaper.