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UK: Polish lessons for airport staff

I thought this was funny.... the Poles I know who have grown up in Coventry/Birmingham have funny Polish accents because you can hear the black country lilt at the end of each sentence so each expression sounds like a question.


WORKERS at Coventry Airport are being given a crash course in Polish
so they can greet thousands of eastern Europeans due to arrive in
the city.

Cafe staff, check-in workers and other teams who come into contact
with passengers are being given lessons in the language.

It coincides with the launch of flights to and from Katowice in
Poland from July 13.

The service will be run three days a week by flight operator Wizz

About 6,000 Polish people live in Coventry and the flights are
expected to prove popular with their friends and relatives and also
with new people moving to Britain.

Workers are looking forward to their new language lessons, which
will include: "Witamy w Coventry" (Welcome to Coventry) "Dzien
dobry" (Hello) and "Paszport" (Passport).

Carole Taylor, who works in the cafe, said: "I am quite pleased
about it.

"It will be another feather in my cap and it will be nice to be able
to speak to the customers in their own language.

"I doubt by the end we will be able to have a full-blown
conversation but we should be able to say the key phrases at least.
Language has been a barrier in the past."

Customer services assistant Lucy Woodward also believes learning
Polish will be beneficial.

Re: UK: Polish lessons for airport staff

What was it again?

... can I fondle your buttocks ...?

That one cracked me up!