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I hate Coffee Heaven

I can't stand these plasticky cafe places springing up all over Warsaw. And all that crap they put into the coffee too.


Having said that, real coffee is undoubtedly good for you, especially if drunk first thing in the morning, or drunk black and after a meal.

Re: I hate Coffee Heaven

Nothing like that in these parts - at least, not yet.

A local BP petrol station does have a new 'Wild Bean Cafe'. It's a strange location, but, probably serves up similar coffee to coffee heaven.

I have to admit to rather liking plasticky starbucks-like coffee. Certainly a big improvement on the bitter, soup-like, traditional Polish coffee.

Re: I hate Coffee Heaven

Try 'Voyage' their rival. Similar prices, maybe a bit lower, and much better quality.

Re: I hate Coffee Heaven

hmmm starbucks, costa coffee...etc...they all taste rough. Strangely enough the best coffee I've ever had eating out was during a shop in ikea.

Other than it not always being properly filtered I don't think the coffee itself is bad in Poland, just that the drinking water in cities is undrinkable and makes coffee and tea taste rotten. It's same as drinking tea in London. Thames water ruins the taste but if you go up north it tastes lovely because the water is softer and cleaner.

I use a water filter at home and it makes a lot of difference. Do they have water filters in Poland? My aunt uses well water from a neighbour because she thinks it is better for you than the tapwater. Not sure I am convinced of its healthgiving qualities but must be safer than some of the stuff coming out of the tap.

Re: I hate Coffee Heaven

In Epsom/Banstead the hard water was softened and tasted good. Yorkshire water (West Riding esp.) tastes sweet by comparison - perhaps one of the reasons for the wool business there.
There are water filters in Poland - esp in Warsaw - but the office girls often use mineral water for washing their face!

Re: I hate Coffee Heaven

I rather miss West Yorkshire water. But those filters really do work here - even warsaw water can be made drinkable.

Re: I hate Coffee Heaven

When was the last time you saw "West Riding" eh?