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The Archers - BBC Radio

Anyone else listen online?

Re: The Archers - BBC Radio

Dum de dum de dum de da, dum de dum de da da.

It was usually the sign to change the station! A bit like the opening credits of Coronation Street - you know, the cat lying on the roof of the outhouse ...

Re: The Archers - BBC Radio

Agree with the Corrie point. Dreadful. The Archers is an entirely different kettle of fish :)

Re: The Archers - BBC Radio

I listen to UK radio through my satellite TV - listened to Sarah Kennedy this morning before going out to the patio to catch some rays and muse on the delightful state of the garden. Bees, butterflies and slugs.

Re: The Archers - BBC Radio

I've just realised that if you speed up the Archer's theme tune you get the music from ... Dallas!
If you don't believe me, just try reading the music off my 3-posts-ago entry.

SUE! Ellen ...

Re: The Archers - BBC Radio

I admit to the addiction .

Listen online

Re: The Archers - BBC Radio

Not tempted, sorry.

My kids (13 and 11) have really got into Dallas in a big way. They never watched it first time round and are now watching it from scratch on Sky - every day.

Enthralled. Though they find it funny that the Ewings had phones everywhere - and those big hats!