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In credo fertilisation!

Święte relikwie zamiast sztucznego zapłodnienia
"Dziennik Łódzki": Salezjanie znaleźli sposób na zaradzenie trudnościom z zajściem w ciążę. Postanowili sprowadzić z Włoch relikwie św. Dominika Savio. Utrzymują, że każdy, kto żarliwie będzie prosił świętego o łaskę, ma szansę zostać rodzicem.

Pray on holy relics and you'll get a bun in the oven. Now, whereas I'm all in favour of mind over matter, positive thinking etc, there does come a time when it can all get out of hand.

On the other hand, as there will probably be a substantial gathering of women desperate to get pregnant, there could be an opening for horny lotharios to bed a few women merely by waving around photos of them together with their children!

Hans, the relics arrive on September 8th!

Re: In credo fertilisation!

It works better if one tries to conceive on a certain part of the Cerne Abbas Giant. Apparently.

And if it doesn't work, then at least there's more fun that way than praying before a picture of St Dominic Savio, who if memory serves was a dumpy 10 year old, who was so pious it eventually killed him.

Re: In credo fertilisation!

Well psychological tension has a lot to do with why some people cannot get pregnant. I have friends who were desperate for a child and tried for years. It was when they had filled in the application papers to register for adoption that she fell pregnant. I think they relaxed when they gave up feeling under pressure to impregnate and nature took care of the rest.

Maybe if these people pray to these relics it will give them the mental relaxation that is needed for the body to its job. The power of the mind over the body is amazing. You really can make yourself sick with worry.

Re: In credo fertilisation!

Cerne Abbas, eh?
And which way would you have to face - uphill or downhill?

Re: In credo fertilisation!

"And which way would you have to face - uphill or downhill? "

Depends on whether you want a boy or a girl ...

Re: In credo fertilisation!

Jon, have you ever seen the big man himself?

Re: In credo fertilisation!

I have. When a student I climbed over the fence with a past girlfriend one evening .

The village of Cerne Abbas also has a very nice tea-room, which serves wonderful scones.

Dorset is my favorite part of England.

Re: In credo fertilisation!

Only in pictures, unfortunately. I've used it when I was teaching here (with the right students!). Poles are often amazed that such a thing exists. I'm looking out of my window now at the Mokotow escarpment (back of Krolikarnia) & thinking how nice it would be to carve something similar here!

Re: In credo fertilisation!

I took my then-girlfriend there (no, I didn't literally "take" her) back in the late 80s. Quite a sight but, like many tourist things in England, you really need a car to get there.