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Polish inmates may build stadiums


Poland is considering using up to 20,000 prisoners to help build the
roads and stadiums it needs to co-host the Euro 2012 football

Pawel Nasilowski, deputy head of Poland's prison service, said it
could form part of a European Union-funded programme to rehabilitate

Poland is suffering from a shortage of construction workers as many
have left for better-paid jobs in western Europe.

Poland will jointly hold the tournament with neighbouring Ukraine.

Big challenges

Mr Nasilowski said arrangements were already being made to allow the
use of prison labour in the multi-million dollar construction
projects needed for the championship.

In a move that surprised many, European football's governing body,
Uefa, announced in April that Poland and Ukraine would co-host the
2012 tournament.

Neither country has hosted a major football championship before and
they face big challenges.

The crumbling, communist-era stadiums fall far short of Uefa
standards and there is a severe lack of hotels and roads.

Several grounds are to be built from scratch.

Mr Nasilowski said the prisoners would travel in convoys to
construction sites under armed guard.

Prisoners have worked in the community for many years in Poland, but
never on such a prestigious project.

But demand for convict labour has grown in recent years. That is
partly due to the shortages caused by workers moving abroad to take
up much higher-paid jobs.

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

So what?

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

Are you insane, Michael? This site is news centred. If you don't like news, don't read.

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

I thought it might be an interesting topic for debate. Weren't they trying "chain gangs" in the UK. I am wondering how they could make this work without prisoners escaping.

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

It sounds like a very good idea to me. Provided of course the convicts are strictly guarded. They should also receive no paymnet for their work. "Work or don't eat".

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

"Work or don't eat".

I think that may contravene European human rights law...

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

How about the human rights of the people these criminals have offended against?

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

everyone has human rights angela, that is why it is a human rights law.

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

In my book a criminal should have no rights. Solutions to the crime problem - capital punishment, immediate deportation for foreign criminals, long prison sentences, hard labour in chain gangs for all criminals, castration for rapists.

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

So you're a pacifist then?

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

so how do you make such a person actually *work* ?

or are they going to stand around all day looking into the holes left by the JCBs ..? ... no, wait .. .that's what the people building the roads do ...

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

I'm sure there's something in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights about prisoners not being forced to work. Thanks to Mrs Roosevelt.

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

In the US private companies can 'outsource' prisoners for manual labor as long as the Department of Corrections or the Sherrif receive compensation.

Its a win-win.

Re: Polish inmates may build stadiums

Sounds a good idea, and one way of keeping costs down. One problem here is the huge number of people on former collective farms who claim a very low welfare pay6ment but have no intention whatsoever of working. They should have to build the stadiums, on a kind of US style workfare programme.