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Help Wanted

W imieniu rodzicow Kacperka, bardzo prosze o umieszczenie ogloszenia o ponizszej tresci na Waszym forum. Kaceperek jest bardzo chorym dzieckiem i bardzo potrzebuje pomocy. Jego rodzice nie znaja angielskiego wiec prosili mnie o umieszczenie ogloszenia. Nie ma znaczenia czy dopuscicie mnie do forum, wazne jestjedynie umiesczenie ogloszenia. Dodam tez ze strona internetowa Kacperka bedzie wkrotce w j. angielskim.

Dziekuje za pomoc i pozdrawiam


We would very much like to for help for our little son, who breathes with the aid of a respirator.
We would very much like to ask for help for our three year old son Casper, who is suffering from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and breathes with the aid of a respirator. He also has major problems with his eyes, as he is unable to blink and fully close his eyes. Unfortunately, he also does not move and is fed by tube.
We would be grateful for financial help, which we will use to buy medicine for the child, rehabilitation items and the rehabilitation itself, as well as his stay at the rehabilitation clinic.
This trip means that Casper will have the chance to breathe unaided and promises to improve his health.
Little Casper has his own internet website which we cordially invite you to visit.

Caspers parents.


Re: Help Wanted

I have tried two times, and am unable to get on Casper's website. What can I do to help?

Re: Help Wanted

Works ok, seem to be a few pages set up with the same message and account number.

Where is the money going?

What is it going to spent on? Private health care?
Is there a doctor in Poland or anywere that can help?
How much is needed?
The medicine and rehab should be free in Poland, why is he not recieving this help?
Which rehabilitation clinic are you using? I would like to contact them regarding direct help.

Hope you can answer these points, Sorry to ask so many questions, but as you know in Poland there are thousands of these sites and it hard to decide which child will directly benefit the most from finacial help
best wishes


Re: Help Wanted

I really hope we get an answer.

Re: Help Wanted

Dobry Wieczor,

Ciesze sie ze ogloszenie jak pomoc Kacperkowi znalazlo zainteresownie.

W imieniu mamy Kacperka, ktora nie zna j. angielskiego pragne odpowiedziec na pytania zadane przez waszych czlonkow. BARDZO PROSZE O ZAMIESZCZENIE ODPOWIEDZI, DZIEKUJE SLICZNIE Z GORY.

Oto odpowiedz w j. polskim:

"U nas w Polsce bardzo sa popularne turnusy rehabilitacyjne, co prawda tylko czesciowo refundowane, a reszte doplacaja rodzice, ale niestety nie przyjmuja na nie dzieci z respiratorem a co do naszej kliniki to nie wiem jaka to bedzie dokladnie kwota-ona bedzie prowadzona przez profesora Jana Talara, ktory slynie z wielu wybudzen ze spiaczki -jestesmy z nim w kontakcie-przyjezdza on do Kacpra i mowil nam, ze niestety wiekszosc zabiegow ma byc oplacana prywatnie, poniewaz NFZ odmowil calkowitego pokrycia kosztow-narazie trudno mu powiedziec ile musimy miec na start, ale obiecal nam ,ze Kacper ma byc do niej zabrany w pierwszej kolejnosci i ma duza szanse na poprawe stanu zdrowia i istnieje duze prawdopodobienstwo, ze nie bedzie juz mu potrzebny respirator.Nie mamy mozliwosci odkladac pieniazkow, poniewaz ja musialam zrezygnowac z pracy, a pensja meza ledwo co wystarcza na nasze potrzeby, potrzeby Kacperka."

A oto tlumaczenie:

"Here in Poland rehabilitation sessions are very popular, although they are only partly refunded, and the parents contribute the rest of the costs, unfortunately they do not accept children on respirators. As regards the clinic I am not sure what the exact sum will be - the clinic will be ran by Professor Jan Talar, who is famous for many successful coma awakenings - we are in touch with him, he has visited Casper and has told us that most of the procedures will have to be paid for privately, as NFZ refused to fully cover the costs - it is difficult for him to say how much we need to start with, but he promised us that Casper will be one of the first to be included in his clinic, and his chances for improvement are high, adn there is a high probability that his respirator will no longer be needed. We cannot save much at the moment, because I have had to give up work, and Casper's father's salary is barely enough to cover our needs and Casper's needs"

Please help if you can. If you can contribute even a small amount, it will be very much appreciated. As Casper's mum says, even if you just stop for a while to send them warm thoughts that will be a great help. Watching your child suffer must be the most difficult thing anyone has to do. Knowing there is help out there but you cannot access it, or have little hope of accessing it because of lack of funds must be twice as bad.
Yes, there are other sick children out there - and all over the world, and all deserve to get better. By all means, if you hear of other such children reach out to help them and their parents. Casper is such a child. Only 3 years old and already he has suffered so much.
He cannot breathe on his own, he cannot blink, he can't swallow and he can't move.
Please help this child, if you can. These people are 100% genuine.

If you send money it will be spent on Casper's rehabilitation and rehabilitation equipment such as children's wheelchair. At present, Casper can't even leave the house as his parents cannot get a special needs car seat for a 3 yr old in Poland. I have found one or two in the UK - but they are extremely expensive - even for UK earners. Did you know that a car seat for a disabled child costs roughly 8 times the price of an "ordinary" car seat? Look up the Carrot car seat at www.jcmseating.co.uk for an idea of prices. It has to be a car seat which reclines as Casper does not have very good head control.

If anyone would like to contact Casper's mum in Polish there is an email link on the website. Here is the website address again:


The website has already been translated into English and the English version will appear online in the next few days.

If anyone would like to contact me in English regarding how they can help, then please do so, my email address is as follows. I will be happy to answer any questions.


Thank you :)


Re: Help Wanted

I am always surprised by the number of such appeals in Polish newspaper. I wonder where all this money paid by Poles in compulsary ZUS health insurance is spent?

Re: Help Wanted

I would love to help, but there are hundreds of such sites and ads as you say, how do you sort out the real ones from the moneymakers.

The site thanks these charities for help.

Regionalnemu Zespołowi Opieki Paliatywnej Dom "Sue Ryder"
Warszawskiemu Hospicjum dla dzieci
Fundacji "Pomóż i Ty"
Fundacji "Polsat"
Fundacji Orlen "Dar Serca"
Fundacji Atlas
Fundacji Anny Dymnej "Mimo Wszystko"
Warszawskiej Misji Ochotniczej
Plus a list of other private names.

I feel very sorry for the child but I would be happier giving the medicine than cash. I have met a few in Poland (and other countries) that live well on the donations.

sorry to be negitive on this very sad subject, but only today I saw 2 people die, and another have a stroke. I would really hate to help people that are cashing in.
If there is anyway I can help the clinic he attends with equipment please let me know.