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Sport: Bulgaria unlucky against Poland


The Bulgarian national volleyball team lost both of its home games
with the same score 1:3 against Poland on June 23-24 in Varna on the
Black Sea. The games were part of the fifth weekend of World League
intercontinental round.

This was the first loss for Bulgaria after four consecutive weeks of
leading the other teams in Group D: Argentina, China and Poland.

Despite the strong support of more than 7000 supporters who had
filled the Palace of Sports and Culture's hall, the top Bulgarian
team did not manage to put up a sufficient defence to the mighty
Poles. Even the presence of President Georgi Purvanov who in the
past few months attended almost every home game of the team, failed
to help the players win this time. Poland, on the other hand, did
not have any problems with its performance and played its usual
routine. The two teams met last year in the semifinals of the World
Cup tournament in Japan. There, Bulgaria lost to Poland and had to
be satisfied with the fourth place. This time however the loss had
only an emotional value since both teams have already qualified for
the final six which will be staged in Poland's Katowice on July 11-
15. Bulgaria's opponents will be Brazil and Russia, who are the top
teams in Pools A and C. Poland face the top team from Pool B and the
wild-card team. After the games played last weekend together with
Brazil, Poland remained the only unbeaten squad in the 2007 World
League. After the game Bulgarian head coach Martin Stoev
said "Unfortunately we made some bad mistakes in delivering key
balls at the end of 3rd and 4th set and that cost us the win. This
game was a real test of Poland and Bulgaria's current levels before
the finals in Katowice. Our first setter did not have his best day
but the second one, Zarev, had an injury and it was risky to put him
in earlier. The second match offered same scenario and the same
result." On June 30 and July 1 Bulgaria will play the return visit
to Poland which will mark the end of the campaign for both teams.

Re: Sport: Bulgaria unlucky against Poland

Volleyball is a sport which Poland is good at. Didn't they get into the world cup finals recently?

Re: Sport: Bulgaria unlucky against Poland

Nothing new; the greatest volleyball final in Olympic history:
“With 33-year-old Edward Skorek as its captain, the Polish National Team won a Gold Medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games by defeating Russia in five sets. Skorek helped Poland rally from a 2-1 set deficit and 14-15 score in the third set. The Russian team had not lost a single set in the 1976 Olympics until the championship match.”